The World’s Craziest Love Triangle
May 11th, 1821
Kallie paced back and forth. She was twirling the end of her long braid in-between her fingers. She glanced at the clock on her nightstand, the little hand was on the 4 and the big hand was on the 3. The sun would be rising in about an hour. Kallie knew that if she was going to go through with her plan then she must leave now. She quickly grabbed a satchel and packed what she could. She quietly opened her bedroom door and snuck down the creaky staircase. Kallie entered the kitchen, she packed a few pieces of bread and fruit into her satchel. She quickly walked out the back door, made her way around to the front of the house, and began walking down the dirt road.
It was still dark, but she knew the sun would be rising soon. Her body was covered with goosebumps from the chilly air. She saw the nighttime animals began to disappear as the sky grew lighter. The thought of her aunt and uncle’s reaction to her missing never crossed her mind. She didn’t care, because she knew that they would be more upset about missing out on all that money, than they would be about her disappearing.
She was close to the edge of town when the sun began to rise. She could see the dew on the grass as the morning sun warmed her cold body. It had been very silent until now, Kallie could hear horses as she approached a bend in the road. She recognized the voices and laughter of the men that would be turning the corner any second. Kallie knew that if they noticed her trying to leave, they would force her to return home. Kallie desperately looked around for some where to hide, she spotted the forest on the other side of the field she was walking along. She could hear the men and their horses getting closer by the second, she took off running through the field as fast as she could. She made it in the forest just as the men passed by, no one had seen her.
The sun was still rising, which made the forest still dark inside. Kallie could hear the birds chirping as a new day began. The forest was very thick and there was a small mountain range throughout, there were also no trails to follow. Kallie hoped that if she kept walking straight, she would eventually make it out on the other side of the forest and be at her destination. She thought about leaving the forest and going back on the road, but she feared she would be recognized. She decided on staying in the forest and kept walking straight.
Kallie walked all morning, she felt like someone or something was watching her. She kept turning around to look but, nothing was ever there. She wondered what her aunt and uncle were doing. Did they even realize that she was missing? Were they looking for her? Kallie’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of rushing water, she followed the sound, which led her to a wide river. The water smelled so fresh and looked so clear. She bent down, cupped the water in her hands and started to drink.
As Kallie finished drinking she heard something on the other side of the river. She looked up and hoped her eyes were not seeing things correctly. On the other side of the river was a very big, very angry, black bear. Kallie didn’t know what to do. She regretted running into the forest, she wished she was back at home. She much rather marry that awful man, than be torn apart by a huge bear. The bear growled and then started charging after Kallie. She turned to run away, but stopped as the ground began to shake. She heard something charging through the woods, then out of nowhere, a huge wolf almost the size of a horse, came practically flying out of the woods and over Kallie’s head, the wolf landed between her and the bear. The wolf pushed her back, Kallie went sliding backwards on the ground, she could feel the rocks scrapping against her skin, her left wrist slammed against a rock and she smacked the back of her head on another. She laid there not able to move, as her vision slowly started fading away. The last thing she saw was the bear and giant wolf fighting in the middle of the rushing water, then everything went black.
Kallie felt like she had been knocked out for days, but it was only a few hours. She could hear owls hooting, and crickets chirping. She could smell smoke and hear the popping of a fire. She felt the warmth of the fire on her face. She slowly opened her eyes, not sure where she was. She was laying on the ground, wrapped up in a very soft warm quilt. There was a roaring fire in front of her. She could tell by the sky that the sun must of just set.
Kallie noticed a man sitting on the other side of the fire. He was staring down at the fire and hadn’t noticed that Kallie was awake. She could see that he was a Native American man. He had dark tan skin, very dark brown short hair, and big golden brownish eyes that were so bright they looked like they could glow in dark. He had on long pants, moccasins, and nothing else. He had a very muscular appeal to him. Kallie couldn’t recall ever seeing a man with such large muscles before. She thought he was probably somewhere between the ages of twenty-two and twenty-six. He also had a strange looking birthmark on his chest, it kind of looked like a paw print.
The man looked up, his eyes met Kallie’s through the flames of the fire. Kallie quickly shut her eyes. She waited a few minutes before opening her eyes again. When she did, he was looking back at the fire. Then he glanced at her again and she shut her eyes once more. Kallie opened her eyes a few seconds later, and he was still staring at her, so she closed her eyes again. She waited a couple seconds, opened her eyes again, he was still looking, she quickly shut her eyes. Then he finally spoke.
“I know you’re awake…you can stop doing that.” He said with a little laugh. Kallie was surprised to hear him speak English. She smiled and kept her eyes opened this time.
Kallie began to sit up. The man stood up and walked towards her. Kallie put her hand on the back of her head. She felt a very large bump and could feel it pulsating. She clenched her face and quietly whispered,
“Ow…” She glanced down at her arm, her left wrist was wrapped up in a bandage and she could hardly move her fingers, she could see that her hand was badly bruised. The man sat down on the ground beside her and held a cold wet cloth on the back of her head.
“You hit your head pretty hard.” The man said to her.
“You also sprained your wrist.” He added.
“All I can recall is a bear running at me…and a giant wolf...” Kallie began to say to the man, then he quickly interrupted her.
“Well that wolf saved your life.” He said
“But why?” She asked. The man took a few seconds to answer.
“The wolves in this Pennsylvania forest…are a little different compared to the average wolf.” He said.
“I agree.” Kallie said.
“That wolf was probably three times the size of a normal wolf!” She added. The man quickly changed the subject. His left hand was still holding the wet cloth on the back of Kallie’s head he extended out his other hand for Kallie to shake.
“I’m Tucker by the way.” He said. Kallie shook his hand looking at him a little confused.
“Kallie.” She said back to him
“Why do you look confused?” He asked her.
“I wasn’t expecting you to have an English family name for your first name, or to even speak English.” She answered him. Tucker smiled and said,
“Well, I’m from the Indian reservation on the south side of the forest. My people have been trying to live like the people in the village near there. There’s less conflict that way. I’ve been speaking English my whole life, and most of us now have English names. My mother heard of a family with this last name, and thought it would make a good first name.” Kallie shook her head in understanding.
“How old are you?” She asked him.
“Twenty-three. And You?”
“Twenty.” She answered.
“Well…” Tucker started to say, as he removed his hand from the back of her head. He dunked the cloth into a pale of water, wrung it out, and wrapped it around Kallie’s wrist, she shivered as the cold cloth touched her skin.
“Would you like to explain to me what you are doing here?” He finished. Kallie sighed and thought about what to say.
“Well I’m from the east village and I want to get to the west village. I need a new start.”
“Why are you traveling through the forest to get there?” He asked her.
“Cause if someone saw me they would force me to return home.” She answered.
“So, you’re running away?” He asked sounding unsure.
“Yes.” She softly said, almost sounding ashamed.
“What are you running away from?” He asked staring at Kallie, like he was looking for the answer in her dark green eyes.
“A horrible man offered my aunt and uncle a large amount of money in exchange for my hand in marriage. Now they are trying to force me to marry him. That’s why I’m running away to the west village, to get away from all of them.” She said, her eyes filling with tears.
“Ohhh......” Tucker said finally understanding.
“What about your parents.” He asked. By the look on her face he already knew what she was going to say and he regretted asking the question immediately.
“They died when I was young.” She said as a tear rolled down her face.
“I’m sorry.” He said with sympathy in his voice.
“So, what are you doing out here all by yourself?” Kallie asked as she wiped her tears away with her good hand.
“Well......when the strongest man in the tribe turns eighteen he gets to choose to either stay with the tribe or, stay wherever danger may come from, to protect his people.” He explained.
“What kind of danger is going to come from here?” She asked him.
“Bears.” He said fighting back a smile.
“Is that supposed to be a joke?” She said smiling. Tucker started laughing, Kallie giggled.
The two spent the rest of the night sitting by the fire. Kallie told Tucker about how her aunt and uncle took her in after her parents had passed away, but they never paid much attention to her, they also became very greedy people over the years. Which is why they wanted her marry that awful man. Kallie also told Tucker about the wonderful group of friends she had growing up, but as they got older and all the boys began to only want her, all her friends became very jealous and would no longer speak to her, she truly only had one friend. Her name was Minnie, she was the only women in town not jealous of Kallie. Minnie had been married for awhile and was already expecting her second child. Kallie explained that Minnie would completely understand why she had suddenly disappeared. Then Kallie finally told Tucker about Christopher. Christopher was the man that was trying to buy Kallie’s hand in marriage. He was also the only person that Kallie felt true hatred for. Just yesterday, as Kallie was walking through town, Christopher cornered her and attempted to make a pass at her, she then smacked Christopher and ran back home. Later that day Christopher showed up and promised Kallie’s aunt and uncle that if she marries him, he will give them a very large amount of money, Christopher was also the richest man in town, so of course her money hungry aunt and uncle could not turn down his offer.
Tucker felt sorry for Kallie, she seemed like such a nice caring person, and he could tell that she had spent most of her time alone. And he couldn’t blame the men in her village for only wanting her, he could see why they were all crazy about her. She had beautiful, long, wavy, bright, red-orange hair, and gorgeous green eyes that had a little bit of blue in them, and a smile that you would never want to see disappear. But he too, could feel a hatred for this Christopher growing inside of him, he couldn’t understand how any human could try to buy their way into love.
Once their conversation had ended, Kallie stood up. Tucker had still been holding the wet cloth on Kallie’s wrist, he let go as she got up.
“Well I guess I should be going now.” She said as she looked around for her belongings. Tucker shot right up and looked at her very confused.
“Where are you going?” He asked hoping she wasn’t about to leave.
“I just thought I should start heading out.” Kallie confessed.
“No…” Tucker paused.
“You’re going to stay here tonight. You have a huge bump on your head, you have a sprained wrist, and you’re not going to go walking in the forest this late at night.” He said making it obvious that Kallie didn’t have a choice.
“But I have to get to the west end of the forest.” Kallie said.
“You can stay here for the next few days…then after your wrist begins to heal I will take you there.” Kallie shook her head in agreement.
Tucker had a tent that was big enough for two people. He and Kallie crawled in. Kallie could feel the heat radiating off of Tucker. His body was warm enough to heat the whole tent. A few minutes after they had laid down Kallie glanced over at Tucker. Even in the dark tent she could see his eyes. She was almost positive that they were glowing.
“So, did you find me laying by the river unconscious?” Kallie asked him. Tucker took a while to answer.
“No…I saw the whole thing. Once the bear realized it couldn’t beat the wolf, it moved on, and I carried you here.” He finally said.
“Thank you.” She said sincerely.
The last thing Kallie thought about before drifting off was how relieved she felt. If Tucker hadn’t of offered to let her stay with him, and escort her to the village, she probably would of tried to find her way back home instead. After the bear incident, and knowing there was a giant wolf roaming around, she was very afraid of being alone in the forest. And for some reason she felt very safe sleeping next to a man she had just met.
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