The Wrong Side of the River
The Fake
Today is the day! We’re so excited to announce that the first chapter of THE FAKE is up. You can find it here:
or just click the little picture of Wen and I in the top right hand corner, click “View Profile” and then click on THE FAKE cover.
Speaking of which... We tallied the votes and though they never came out the same numbers twice (because clearly, neither Wen nor I can count) Cover 2 was always the winner by at least a couple votes. So, here’s the official cover!
Cover 1 made a huge comeback near the end, thanks in large part to @AnnaTheIntrovert’s very thoughtful comment. Even though it wasn’t the winning cover, we promise you’ll get the mystery and drama she spoke of in the story. :) Plus we have tons of new, gorgeous art by @Bitskoff that we know you’ll be excited about!
We want to thank all of you for voting and for sticking with us through WRONG SIDE OF THE RIVER. We really appreciate all of you and can’t wait to spend more time in this community!
Don’t forget to add THE FAKE to your bookshelves so you can get Storybird reminders and email updates when we post new chapters.
We’re so excited for this new chapter in our Storybird journey and can’t wait to share it with all of you!
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