a magical story
The Young Witch
Leaving Ivy behind
Today was a special day. Young Princess Ivy was to be left in the meadows beyond the kingdom. Her expired mother had been a sorceress and Ivy had become a witch. She had powers beyond imagination but no one would know when they appear. They would usually come when she was angry, sad or even excited. Because of the number of broken items and protesting citizens, the king had to banish her from the grounds of the kingdom Roseth.
She shouted and screamed, “ You leave me! Why are you hauling me away? I didn’t do anything wrong. Leave me right now!” nothing happened except that all the citizens started staring at her. The guards had their order.
“Sorry, mam”, they said. “We have our orders and we cant help you. Otherwise, the king will kill us.” Ivy had to remain quiet as the guards escorted her to the fields. She was left there sulking for the next few hours when an old lady appeared.

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