TheAlmighty Guard, Sir Richard by room11gls

Millustrated By the web and written by Matthew reid
TheAlmighty Guard, Sir Richard
The Quest
the planet of Encontipa, the planet began to crumble. An evil monster is believed to be doing this. In the city of Confetti. There was a castle, in the middle of Confetti that held the king and queen of Encontipa, In that castle was a guard named Sir Richard. He was the only guard that wanted to take on this beast as all the other guards cowered shivering in fear at the back of the castle. The king told Sir Richard that this beast was in the city of Bington. The town had been completely abandoned after the beast was seen flying over the town a few days ago. The beast was as long as a family car. The king told Sir Richard that his quest to save the world and kill this beast would start tomorrow and he would have until midnight to do this.
The Adventure Begins
Sir Richard was up all night thinking of a plan and the next morning he was as ready as he could ever be. He was all prepared and left the town to find the beast. The king had told him earlier this morning that the trip to Mount saviour was 7000km from the city of Confetti. Once he had left the city gates he could see what the king ment about the world cracking violently,volcanoes exploding and the lava rivers. As he hopped over the lava rivers, he saw a massive mountain come into view. Then he heard a huge defening roar, he looked around him, nothing. Then he looked up, and there was the beast, he was flying gracefully towards the mountain. In front of him he saw a massive crack.
The Mountain of Saviour
There was a bridge leading across the crack. He saw a staircase leading down under the land, he followed down the staircase and saw nothing. Strange, he thought. So he went back up the staircase and he heard a voice saying “Behind you”. Sir Richard looked behind him and he saw a ghostly looking figure. The ghostly looking figure said “Hello, i am a god called Cenzuga”. “I have a special orb for you that will save the world from the decay curse”. The Sir Richard said he had to get going as the king said that the quest had to be finished by midnight.’ He checked his watch and it was already 2:23pm. He grabbed the orb that the god have given him, thanked the god and started walking along the bridge. He was half way along the bridge and he heard a crack. Then he thought that the orb was weighing him down and the wooden boards were starting to crack. He started to jog to get to the end faster but it seemed to make the boards fall faster!! He ran as fast as he could to the end of the bridge. The boards were cracking at the speed of light now. He was only a few boards away from the solid ground and he stepped on one and it fell right away. He fell but quickly grabbed the next board. He slowly pulled himself up back onto the bridge. He took 2 more steps and he had finally had his foot on solid ground. He continued his adventure but about twice as slower as the orb was weighing him down. He now could see the cave that the god said to place the orb in. So he ran as fast as he could to the mountain and started climbing it. He nearly had fell a number of times but he finally reached the cave. Right in front of him was the mythical beast.
The Battle
Sir Richard made the first move by charging in and hit the beast. The beast immediately played his next move by firing the laser into Sir Richard, Sir Richard blocked it and the flames fired back at the beast, setting the beast on fire and the beast fell to the ground. To finish him off, Sir Richard MLG 360’ jumped and hit him once more and the beast finally stopped moving. He placed the orb onto the pestle and there was a sudden jolt. He walked to the entrance of the cave and all the world was getting back together, trees starting to grow, and grass growing. Sir Richard started to head back to the village feeling happy and proud and lived happily ever after.
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