No, I don’t have bad grammar
“Whaddup world! It’s thelonelychild here! Today, I am vlogging. And by vlogging, I mean recording my life as it happens. I am at my house right now, but later, I’m going to TechSSCon.” I said into my camera. I suppose I should explain.
I’m Jason Davidian. But, most people know me as ‘thelonelychild’. I am a 13 year old boy with pale skin. I have short dark brown hair and I am 3 inches taller than most 15 year olds. I have 999,863 subscribers. As a whole, they are called ‘Lonely’s Sibling Army’ or just ‘Sibling Army’. I need 134 more subscribers to get a gold play button. My silver play button, graphite button, opal button, and bronze button are all hanging on my wall, in the view of my webcam. I film most of my Let’s Plays on Techno Super Sniper. My user name is “thelonelysniper”. So, back to my video.
“Don’t forget to smash that like button with your broom! Also, I am doing a ‘Hit That Like Button’ contest where you guys film yourselves hitting the like button as I say. Today’s featured sibling is CoreyDoesAVlogz. Interesting name. Anyhow, my friend, the one, the only, AwesomelyCoolGeek, is going to be joining me at my house.. We are both participating on stage in the contests, in the Q&A, you name it. Me, my friends, and a couple of other people are the most popular TSS Tubers. Me, being one of them is sad. I don’t even have 1 million yet!” I took a breath and switched to an Arnold voice. “I’ll be back. Hasta la vista, siblings.” I stopped recording for now.
I walked out my room and went into my living room to watch TV. Sometimes, recording takes the life out of me. Especially when half the time you have siblings that you asked for screaming at the top of their lungs.
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