#ProSkillz (Basically, my life)
There’s A Thing Called Stupidity
Yes, It’s True
Before I say anything else, and before you ask anything else, let me tell you this: it’s true what they say. Every single bit.
I have a thing with accidents.
And stupidity.
I’m not just any ordinary accident person where you might trip on a sidewalk. No, I’m much worse. Probably worse than you can imagine. You spill some water on the lunch table? I spill some super important science liquid that almost burns off my lab partner’s skin.
You can probably guess no one likes working with me.
And it’s all accidentally. Boy, I would be one mean girl to do this on purpose! If you ever want to laugh, I’m right here to tell you about all my accidents, and trust me, I have a lot.
Most of my accidents come from me being stupid, and I mean really stupid.
My name is Aria, and I’m stupidity-prone.

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Chapter 2

The Science Spill: Do NOT pour burning acid on your lab partner. They won’t talk to you for...I’m not too sure. She still hasn’t said a word to me since the accident.

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