new house, new friends, new beginnings, and big discoveries
Pink Palace
The House
I, Cassidy Taylor, was devastated to get to our new house. I didn’t want to go in the first place. Because that meant I had to shift schools. I didn’t want to leave my best friend in the whole entire world, Katie. Ok that was completely cheesy, but its entirely, 100% true.
My mom said it was by the water, she said when we were going to bed, we could hear the waves crashing the rocks. She said the smell of the ocean would make us feel like home.
I looked out the car window and saw a big sign that said Pink Palace in 4 miles.
That was an interesting name for a house. I hope the house is not actually pink, because I hate pink.
“Old Mcdonald had a farm! EEEHHHH OOOOHHH EEEHHH OOOHHH AAAAAHHH!!!” screamed my little sister, Margret, breaking my thoughts.
“Mummmm! Help me! No fair! I called shotgun!” whined my older sister Bella.
“Mum she’s all driving us crazy!” I agreed with Bella.
“Margret dear, please sing your song in your head. We are trying to relax.” my mom asked Margret.
“Okey dokey!” Margret singsonged.
Then she started squeezing her eyes, put her hand on her head and started squeezing it. She held her breath.
“Mom? I think she is going to burst. Look.” I alerted to my mom. My mom turned around and her face looked horrified.
“Sweetie! Oh my goodness! What in the name of lord are you doing?” my mother demanded.
“Forcing the song into my head. Duh.”
I rolled my eyes. Margret is the dumbest 7 year old I know. I know dumbest is a immature word but still.
“Margie don’t be an idiot. You cant force the song into your head.” Bella snorted.
Bella is the most careless 15 year old I know. She is the worst.
Margret started to cry. I groaned.
“Bella stop being such a fool! Could you even take a moment and assume the consequences in the future of what you just blurted out?” I spat at her.
“Woah Crazy Cassy sounds like my mother. Mom she’s going all crazy word mode again!”
“Dont call me Crazy Cassy! My name is Cassidy if you perhaps didn’t know.”
“Crazy Cassy! Crazy Cassy!” she taunted me.
I threw her dirty look and started out the window. Then I noticed Margret was still crying. WILL SHE EVER SHUT UP? Whoops. Sorry that was rude of me.
“Kids we are here!” my mom beamed as we pulled into a house that was on a large cliff. The house was an antique and covered with cobwebs every inch. The doors was slightly cracked and the a great amount of the windows were shattered. It was by the water, but the water was rotten and filthy.
I started at the house in disbelief.
“I call first dibs on rooms!” Margret screamed as she ran towards the house.
I was not looking forward to the rest of my life.
Ok here is a brief recap of the Characters. I didn’t really explain them much.
Cassidy is a very polite girl. She reads many many books, thats why she says really fancy words. Cassidy wants to be a journalist when she grows up.
Age: 12
Bella is a snotty teenage girl who wants everything her way. She is the exact opposite o her sister Cassidy. She is a real party animal and she cares about her looks very much.
Age: 15
Margret is a very loving and sweet girl. She loves to annoy her siblings. She is curious about everything she sees. She secretly wants to be like Cassidy when she is older. She loves to play with Cassidy and she loves sneaking in her older sisters bedroom. She is a sneaky girl
Age: 7
Also more characters will come during the story so I will also introduce them.
Thanks for reading!!

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