~there are always flowers for those who want to see them~
Thorns Of
I should’ve known I was pregnant.
It was obvious, and yet I thought I just had the stomach bug.
‘’Timmy! Could I get some more paper towels?’’ I croaked out, bending down into the sink.
His reply was muffled by the pillow he was gripping.
‘’Carrots? I didn’t even have carrots,’’ I mumbled staring in disgust at the stuff.
I reached over and turned on the sink, washing it all down.
‘’You have legs right?’’ he grumbled loudly back.
The TV started to get rougher and sounds of gunfire echoed the small apartment.
‘’Can’t you just-‘’
I started throwing up again and wiped a hand across my mouth.
Why did he have to be so difficult?
‘’Can’t you just get it yourself? I do everything around here,’’ he sighed angrily.
I clenched the sink and somehow tumbled over to the couch.
‘’Maybe we should go to the doctor,’’ Tim shrugged.
Something clenched inside me and I shook my head, my mouth getting dry.
‘’For what? I just have the virus,’’ I waved him off.
He studied me for a few seconds and then turned away, doing his little jaw clench.
‘’Whatever you say Dahlia. It’s almost like you’re-‘’ he stopped himself.
‘’Like.. I’m what?’’ I froze in my seat the terror inside finally keeping me stuck in place.
Oh my God, what if I’m pregnant?
‘’I’m just sick that’s all. But the Doctor’s would probably be a good idea I guess,’’ I cleared my throat.
My stomach bubbled achily and I leaned my head on Tim.
As usual he moved away and stiffened up, lying on the pillow instead of me.
‘’I’ll get..dinner ready,’’ I stood up feeling bloated as ever.
‘’Yeah make sure it’s something good for once. Thanks,’’ he glared at me for a few seconds.
I gave him a sheepish thumbs up and trekked to the kitchen glancing outside.
My roses were perfectly straight, dancing in the sunlight.
It seemed so easy to be a flower. Standing still in the dark soil with no worries at all.
With the warm sun beaming down.
I stared there for a long time, tricking myself into thinking everything was fine.
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