Expliquant les dômes
Three Domes
The world now
a rounded vault forming the roof of a building or structure, typically with a circular base times three. That’s the world we live in now. How can I explain this to you? Aha! That’s how.
Do you remember when everyone joked about world war three? It really happened. In fact it happened seventy years ago on this exact day. This great war involved every weapon you could think of and led our country into a devastating depression. During this depression came a strong leader who decided our differences won’t tear us apart anymore, instead we’ll all live in harmony. This harmony would be found by all of us to work together to build “sections” that would determine our personalities and where we would live forever. This so called leader decided to build these sections about twenty four feet apart. Each of these sections would have a wall about three fourths the size of the Empire State building. Each of the sections would have enough room to fit the great state of Texas.
Once these places were build it was time for them to choose our fate. They separated everyone depending on if the were kind, average, or evil and all of this was based on opinion. After this our not so great anymore leader, said that all of the sections would be allowed to create their own rules but one rule that all sections had to follow was no one can leave their section.
About twenty years later the section that was considered evil broke down their walls and invaded the other sections. After this horrible incident our leaders son, Ronald Trader, took over as leader and decided we don’t need sections, we need domes and ever since then no one has broken out of their domes and we’ve all had a peace full life.
Every dome has a name......
Mal (mall), the dome of sins. The one that only the people in there can stand how they live.
Milieu (minu), a bit of everything not evil, but not great.
Paix ( pakes), harmony, joy, and love.
and we all live up to our names.
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