We will aLways be
Three of a Kind
Meet Emily (Emily’s POV)
My name is Emily Ann Parker. I am a triplet. I enjoy going outside, seeing animals, and gardening.
Me and my sisters share a room. It is an off white that seems too glow in the dark. We have a triple bunk bed that we share. I sleep on the middle bunk. The bunk was made by my grandpa. It is made out of wood, but the wood is painted white. The paint is chipping off slightly. My mattress is an off white color. My comforter is Sage Green with off white colored garden designs on it. My pillow is off white.
I have dirty blonde hair that reaches past my waist. I have dark chocolate colored eyes. My nose is small, and I have a mouth, and when I smile with that mouth, it reaches to my bright red rosy cheeks.
I am not skinny, but I’m not plump.
I am quite tall for my age. I am age 17, and so are my sisters (obviously).
I am kind of girly, but kind of tom-boy.
I have a birth mark on my left shoulder shaped like a heart. It is a pinky red color. I absolutely love my birthmark.
My favorite subject in school is English. My English teacher is Mrs. Waverton. She is always joyful when we come in for class, She beams at everyone, and she celebrates everyone’s birthdays!! SCORE! I live in Hillside City. Hillside City got its name from the gargantuan hills at Hillside Park.
I am not really considered “popular”, but my sisters are. It kind of feels like I’ve been left out.
My best friend is Pepper. Her fiery red curly hair suits her crazy outgoing personality. Pepper is always there to help me when I need it. Pepper is awesome.
Well, I have to leave time for my other sisters to introduce themselves, so goodbye for now!
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