Is It Possible For Dreams To Fall Apart?
Through The Eyes Of A Star
Note from author:
Hey, guys. AmazingKay9081 here! Just wanted to thank you all for encouraging me to write this story! I never could have done it without you!
Before I begin, I just want to thank some people for giving me some ideas on the story line! (I would mention their names, but that is against the rules on Storybird). So this is the best I can do. Thanks guys! :-D
Well, that’s all from me! Happy reading!
I wish my life was different. I wish that people weren’t just constantly taking my picture, following me around, and begging me to be their best friend. It can be so annoying sometimes.
The only reason that people are like this to me is because, well, maybe I’d better explain...
First of all, my name is Tammie Fab, or as I am known to my fans, Tammie Fabulous. (That, of course, is not my real name. It is what my manager decided to call me.) I am a normal, ordinary fourteen year old girl, except for one little thing.
I am a celebrity.
Well, pretty much. I am a singer and I play the guitar. And I’m on the radio.
When I first realized that I was a good singer, and that my friends really liked my voice, I decided to start singing and playing my guitar at some local festivals in my hometown. I didn’t think that I would go that far, but soon everybody in my little town loved me, and not much later I was traveling to different towns and singing, and one day after one of my performances, everything changed.
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