bending the rules of reality and imagination
Through the Looking Glass
Willow Creek looks nice, but that means I have to make new friends. Be in a new school. Get used to living in a new house. But that also means new beginnings.
My mother and I moved in here just yesterday. There was a fire at our old house and no one could stop it. When we got out, my mother and I looked at our little house go up into flames. It kind of looked like a bonfire. We moved because my mother and I know not to bother with rebuilding it. It already looked really bad before the fire even actually started.
I don’t know if it was because of the heat or someone caused it, but I’m not bothering to find out. I didn’t really like that neighborhood. Mrs. Jenkins is a nosy neighbor. She always looks out her window and spies on what everyone is doing.
Once, I was riding my bike with my flip-flops, and Mrs. Jenkins somehow saw me and told me to put on some sneakers.
Our new house looks a bit old. There is yellow paint peeling, flowers wilting, and grass that’s the color of gold. The driveway was also cracked and the sidewalk looks about the same. There are weeds everywhere. I feel disgusted and a bit scared. This house makes me regret moving houses. Even the people from the moving van look a bit disgusted. Only my mother is smiling.
“Come on Alice! Let’s check our house out.”
My mother and I go inside the house. The first step I take in the house I instantly start gagging.
“Mom, it smells like a rat died in here.”
“Oh Alice, it doesn’t smell that bad.” But I can see her wrinkle her nose a little.
“Alice, why don’t you check out the rooms and choose which room you want?”
“Okay, Mom, but I’m going to find a room that doesn’t smell like rat.”
My mother sighs and exits the house to help out the moving van people.
I find the stairs and I begin to climb them. I enter a hallway and immediately see three doors: two bedroom doors, one bathroom door. I enter the nearest bedroom door.
At least it doesn’t smell like rat..
I look around and see that the walls were painted light blue. There were tape makes on the walls, and faded Sharpie drawings. It looks like someone wanted to wash them off.
I step closer to the drawings and see that they look really cool. I wondered why someone would ever want to wash them.
This room is cool. I like it. I’ll tell my mom dibs for this room.
I exit the light blue room and go through the hallway. I run down the stairs and see that my bed frame just entered the new house.
For some reason, it doesn’t smell like rat anymore. Maybe someone sprayed air freshener?
“Well dear? Which room did you pick?”
I tell her about the light blue room and call dibs on it. My mother loves the color blue. It’s the color of the dress of when she first met my father. They were both in high school. My mother and my father went to the same school, but they never set eyes on each other. My mother was nerdy and my father was a jock. But that was before they saw each other in the diner. My mother was serving him and after he was finished, they had a little chat.
Well, it wasn’t really a little chat, because they took about twenty minutes talking to each other. Then the chef needed my mother and they had to end the chat. My father gave her his phone number and suggested that they should hang out sometime. And that’s how my father and mother became husband and wife.
After college, they got married and moved in together. They lived in a one story house and had a great time together for about three years. Then one day, my mother told my father that she was pregnant. My father was shocked, and told her that he wasn’t ready to have a son or a daughter to take care of. So he left the next day. And my mother never saw him again.
My mother didn’t really care though. She doesn’t really care now either. On May eighteenth, 2002, out came Alice Johnson. She said that she was so happy to see me. Husband or not, she was glad. So glad.
My mother named me Alice because of her favorite classic fairy tale book, Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass. She read the book when she was really little. She also watched the animation of Alice in Wonderland. It’s my favorite book too.
We always watch the movie over and over again because we have a game to see who can spot the mistakes the actors and directors made.
“Alice! Would you come and get your stuff? They’re downstairs in the kitchen,” yelled my mother.
I sighed. Those were such good memories. Since we were preparing to move here, my mother was too busy for those kind of things. “Coming mom!”
I search for a box with ALICE’S STUFF on all the sides. I find it and run up the stairs and sprint down the hallway. I put the box down in the middle of the room and search through my stuff to decorate my room with. I find flags and Christmas lights to hang around my room. I also find painting and picture frames to put on my desk. Once it gets here. I also find a whole bunch of books to put in my bookshelf. Once it get here too. There were a lot of things to place once some of my stuff get here.
I stop rummaging through my box and decide to explore the house. I find three dirty closets and one more stairway. I’m confused about the stairway.
Where does this lead to?
I have the choice of either to climb the stairs and find out where it leads or to leave it alone and wait to tell my mom about it. I decide to wait for my mom. I take one last look at the stairs and turn my back on it.
“Alice! Would you help me move these boxes?”
“Sure, Mom!”
As I walk down the stairs, I start to imagine where the stairs lead to.
Maybe they lead to the attic. Or maybe another room?
I shake my head at these thoughts.
Only one way to find out. I’m coming back for you stairs. I’m coming back tomorrow.
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