While I’m waiting...
I got time. Lots of time. As I sit here in the cold, wet grass, looking at the bright night sky, the time passes. Like the black cat, searching for food, and the barefooted little mouse, running for its life.
I’m one. One with the nature. Only an insignificant little shadow in the big black night, but that doesn’t bother me. Even so, I can feel free.
I close my eyes. Listen to the stunning silence. A wolf howls in the nearby woods, and even though I can’t see it, I know it’s a female. I can hear how her howling sounds like a cry. She’s missing someone. Her pups, possibly. One got taken by a bear. I saw it.
The silent wind shouts without words, to let it be. Shakes the tree crowns, to let me know, it is there. It soughs through the long grass, and makes the small raindrops fall to the ground, and there they silently soak the cold, dark earth.
I look at the sky. The bright moon shines beautifully at the deep blue lake, like a white sun without sunshine. Only moonlight. The stars blinks cheerfully and illuminates the dark sky, while a bat hurriedly flies past me in such a great speed, that it could pass even the worlds fastest man.
The beautiful night. My beautiful sight. My garden. A place, where every thought is welcome, black as blue, good as bad. I don’t want to leave it. This is where my dreams come true, where my thoughts have home, where my world is alive. This is where I create my own universe and my own story.
I got time. Lots of time.
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