a camp where kids find their true Colors
Time To
I’m sitting in my room, staring out the window. Loneliness seeped through me, i never hung out with anyone, ugh, why don’t i try to make friends?
“Jake! Come down here! the bus is almost here!” my mom called, from downstairs.
“What?” I said under my breath, school was over, where was i going? I hopped off my bed and hurried downstairs, looking at my mother questioningly, for she was holding my suitcase.
“I signed you up for a summer rock camp! go now! the bus is here!” she said quickly, kissing me on the forehead and shoving me my suitcase. I tumbled out the door, walking to the bus, dazed. The bus driver looked at me, grabbed a list and asked,
“Jake Whilter” I replied quickly.
“Right, go to one of the back seats, next to Emmalyn, the one with blonde hair and glasses” he said, nodding. I nodded back and quickly tossed my suitcase into the back, then sat next to the girl he was talking about. Her nose was buried in a book, but when he sat down, she looked up at him. Her eyes were a slightly dark blue, her glasses were black. Her expression was sweet, but her eyes were filled with wisdom. She glanced at me for a moment before looking back at her book. I glanced out the window.... this ride was going to be very long wasn’t it?

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