Tales About Judgement, Bullying, And Differences
To Judge a Cover By Its Book
Now, there is a many different ways to judge someone.
I personally will not share those ways, because I don’t think spreading the idea is very smart or polite of me.
You see, I am trying only to be a good person, not to be one that stabs people in the back.
That’s not a very nice thing to do, if you think about it. Would you like to be judged for who you are? Or be betrayed by someone you thought appreciated you?
That would not be a fine feeling. That would not be a wondrous feeling.
Oh, dear... it tis a dreadful feeling!
I, for one, have experienced being judged. And being stabbed in the back.
And, well... a great deal of rudeness from people I had once trusted.
It is quite normal for me, actually.
Is that bad? Is that a sad thing? I suppose it is. I should not be used to being criticized by people... by ones that I’ve known for years, by ones I have just met!
Why, no one should deal with such people!
It tis only an issue, because these people are everywhere. I’d like to repeat, everywhere.
They live in that city, they live in that small town, they live in that field of nothing, they live in planet Mars, for all I know!
You just can’t escape ‘em!
They find you and hunt you down...
So how can one avoid these people?
Perhaps there is a way! No need to fret, no need to worry anymore! Perhaps we can stop these controlling people... and perhaps we can stop these stereotypes!
It will not be easy... it will not be a simple task...
But it will be a journey...
Yes... quite a long journey.
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