brianna’s choice: book two
Together again
Rewind a bit:
Brianna had to move to New York because her parents divorced and she would never get to see all of her friends again. She was then accepted into NYU (New York University) early.
She went to law school and become a successful lawyer. She stopped contacting her friends when she got into university and never thought about them again.
Her sister and brother stayed at California for university and Brianna has never seen them since.
Un Rewind: :)
I frantically searched for my iPhone while my mom was yapping on the phone. I know, I know, it was stupid that I didn’t have my own place yet. I was twenty three. But my parents and I had a deal until I was twenty five.
My mom rushed up to my room and smiled too much. This was NEVER a good thing. Let me repeat NEVER EVER a good thing.
“Pack your bags honey, I just got you an incredible job in California!” she squealed like a kid. Maybe things have changed, for the better.
“Goodness! Thank you so much!”
“You can see all your old friends again! I can’t wait to see Linda! And Brooke.”
That’s Jake and Tyler’s mom. Wow those two names ringed a bell. But I really didn’t care for them anymore. I mean it’s not like I was going to marry any of them. They were just some stupid boys in my past.
“When do we leave?”
“Tomorrow morning!”
“Wow!” I beamed.
I had to call Derek, my boyfriend, he would be devastated.
We arrived to California
“Wow it’s just like I remember!”
“I have some more incredible news!”
“Mum, please stop saying incredible its really bothering me. So whats the news?”
“I just got off the phone with the man we sold our house to before and he said we could go back and live in it. So its like a re creation of your first three years of teenage hood!”
“Don’t say that, it’s weird. And oh my gosh! That’s so cool!”
At the house
I walked into the house and the smell of cedar just made me feel so at home.
“Mum! Oh my goodness we forgot a huge deal! Brody and Liv!”
My mother gasped in guilt.
I dialed Brody’s number.
“Guess who?” I smiled back. I know I was acting childish but he was my amazing brother I hadn’t spoke to in years.
“Julie?” he said in a bright happy voice.
“What? No. Guess again.”
“Liv? Yah it’s you. I would know your voice anywhere. How’s it going.”
I really needed to slap him right now.
“It’s your other sister you dimwit! I can’t believe you didn’t notice me!”
“Wait your... Brianna? Like the Brianna? Brianna Smith. Bri my favourite sister I haven’t spoke to in years?”
“Well who else? Brody I am in California!”
“Hey Bri Bri! That is awesome! Where are you?”
“Our old house!”
“Okay I will get Liv and be there in no seconds flat.”
“Can’t wait!”
“And Bri? I really missed you by the way.”
“I would have just said the same thing. Now stop talking and go get Liv!”
The phone shut off and I hugged it. I couldn’t wait to see them!
When someone knocked on the door I kind of screamed (sorry it just came out of me.).
When I opened it Brody and Liv tackled me with hugs.
“Oh my god! Bri your highlights are amazing! They are so pretty! You have grown to be so beautiful.” Liv gushed. Her outfit was much more sophisticated now that she was an accountant. Who knew she actually was good at math.
Her and Noah were engaged now.
“Thank you!”
“Congratulations on your becoming an awesome lawyer! You are so talented!” Brody smiled.
“I am only twenty three, I still have many years until people consider me as an ‘awesome’ lawyer.”
Then the door clicked open and my mom walked in with some groceries. When she saw them she just froze.
I smiled.
“Kids! Gosh I thought I would never see you again! C’mere!”
My mom kissed there faces until she was out of kisses.
“Sorry I didn’t warn you before.”
“It’s okay.” Liv put her hand on our moms shoulders.
“Hey Bri can we go for a walk?” Brody smiled “Just the two of us. We need to talk about y’know...stuff.”
“Sure.” I wonder what ‘stuff’ he was talking about.
So we talked and walked. And walked a lot. And talked a lot.
“So at first I was this little giggling teenage girl obsessed with clothes and boys but now I have to stand up straight at work and never be tardy.”
“Well you are Brianna Smith and I think your as awesome as corndogs.”
“From you that’s a lot. Thanks Brody!” he had this crazy obsession with corndogs.
I hugged him. It was awkward because we were adults and stuff but he was my brother.
Then I saw four boys who looked strangely familiar. They all had slurpies.
One of them saw me and dropped their slurpies. Weird.
Not to brag, but a lot of boys think I look ‘beautiful’ and ‘amazing.’
It drives me nuts. Well not all of it.
They whispered to each other and Brody said to me:
“Aren’t those your past exes and past bffs?”
He was right! Oh my goodness. That was Jake, Tyler, Connor, and Jackson! Their names made me feel tingly inside.
“What’s your name?” one of them asked me. I think it was Connor. Yes it was definitely Connor.
I pretended I didn’t know who they were, “Excuse me?”
“Just answer the question.” Jackson looked straight at me. Yikes.
“Her name is Brianna Smith, third child of Mary Roberts. Anymore questions smart aleck?” Brody smiled evily.
I elbowed him in the ribs very hard and he cringed.
“Hey Bri gotta run, catch you later!” Brody said as he dashed off into the middle of nowhere.
“Brody wait!-“ he just wanted me to talk to them. I groaned and turned back around and saw four incredibly awesome faces smiling at me.
“You didn’t call! Or text! Or mail for like five years! I thought you died!” Jake grinned. That sarcastic grin of his always made me happy.
“ Thats the first thing you say to me after eight years?! I’m sorry. I went to university and who has time to call you guys in law school, I mean really.” I started “And then I thought I would never see you again so I didn’t really bother.”
“You’re a Lawyer?” Jackson and Tyler said at the same time in amusement.
“Yes. Sorta. That’s kind of why we moved back.”
“You look incredible by the way. And I suppose the guy you were with with was your boyfriend?” Connor asked.
I nearly exploded. I couldn’t speak I was so amused.
“You’ve got to me kidding me. You don’t recognize Brody?”
“Oh right!” Jake said. And then it was awkward again.
“When did you guys all become friends? Wasn’t Jackson in like.... war or something with Connor? Wait I have more. And.... and.... oh right! Tyler hated Jake.”
They all looked at each other.
“Well when you were gone there was really no one to fight over so we all became friends.”
I blushed. But then I noticed it was the past so whatever.
“This is the weirdest thing since chicken dog day.”
“What the?....” Jake laughed
“Long story. So how has your..... eight years been?”
“Boring and tiresome.” Connor said.
Then I noticed Tyler and Jackson didn’t talk much.
“My past couple of years have been a nightmare. Too many people screaming at me and craziness. I have to run, so call me so we can talk and you know.” I smiled as I gave them a piece of paper that had my number.
“We are still doing this? Here’s my number call me!” he mimicked.
I smiled at him, “We never stopped. And fyi I don’t sound like that, at all.”
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