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Tom Bombadill
The unexpected party
Once in a hole in the ground there lived an ice cube man like thing called Tom bombadill. Not a wet and muddy hole with worms, insects and a dripping roof. This was an ice cube man like thing hole so that meant comfort. Tom lived an ordinary life.[for an ice cube man like thing.]The ice tom was made out of couldnt melt, exseped for DRAGON FIRE!!! One day a wizard came to his door.The wizards name was ..........GANDALF THE WHITE.[DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNNNN]
GANDALF THE WHITE said he wanted to have supper with Tom. Tom said OK random wizard that just randomly came to my door!:) That night Tom prepared for supper when he herd a knock on the door. It was not GANDALF THE WHITE it was two dwarves named fili and kili. they said where is the food. tom didnt understand. insted he alowed them to have supper,THEN GANDALF SHOWED UP and they had sopper
the end

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