darkness and light are not what they seem...
Tranquil Darkness
Open your Eyes
In the beginning, as we lay safe and warm in our mothers’ wombs, we saw nothing but darkness. But were we afraid of monsters and night terrors lurking in the shadows? No, because we did not know light. Back then, the darkness was all we’d ever known.
On that fateful day, the day we left the damp, warm shadows where we had lived all our lives for the bigger world outside, we glimpsed the light for the first time. Naked and cold in that strange, stark brightness, we cried. The light shone in our eyes and blinded them.
As newborn babies, we were innocent. But as we grew older, bad deeds began to accumulate, weighing us down like heavy baggage. We grew less and less pure by the day, until we all became hopelessly flawed.
Our eyes grew accustomed to the light, and we began to fear the darkness. As children, we lived through each night in fear. We imagined unseen horrors lurking in the shadows, and we sweated and trembled in our beds at the thought of them. We insisted on a nightlight beside our bed, claiming that we wouldn’t feel safe without them. As we grew older, we began to associate darkness with all things shady and unstable. In stories, darkness is often associated with evil, and light with good. But is this the truth, or is it all a lie?
Go outside on a clear night, and look up at the sky. It is studded with countless tiny stars, like a beautiful, dark velvet cloth with sequins sown on. And the great, glistening moon rides through the sky, bathing everything in it’s silver-white glow. The wonderful feeling of freedom that comes over you... it’s impossible to feel during the daytime. How could anyone be afraid of this absolute tranquility?
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