Trapped in a game
Flee market
“J, look at this game! It look’s ancient!” Vera points at a very old game in a both.
“You’re right! But why do you care? Over there is a both with old jewelery, just your type!” I say, a tiny bit confused.
“I know, I know. It’s just something about this game that really catches my eye. I want to buy it!” Vera decides.
“What? You got like ten bucks from your mom so you could buy something here, at the flee market, and you’re going to spend it on a board game? Lame!” Vera gives me a tired look.
“I want to buy it, okay?! You spent your money on churros, so you don’t get to judge!” she points a fair finger on me. I roll my eyes.
“Whatever you say, Vera!” Vera rolls her eyes as well before turning toward the both.
“Hello? Does anyone work here?” she yells. A second later a very old woman shows up from nowhere. Vera gasps and takes a step back.
“Hello, young children. My name is Elisabeth. What can I do for you?” Vera stairs at the old woman for an uncomfterble second before turning to the board game.
“I would like to buy this game?” she holds it up towards Elisabeth.
“Oh, it’s called Ludo. I’m not sure you want to buy it,” Elisabeth turns away, redo to leave.
“Why wouldn’t I want to buy it? Is it boring?” Elisabeth freezes. She slowly turns to Vera again. I can se that Vera is nervous now, and so am I. But why? I’m not quite sure, but something about the old woman makes me shiver.
“No, my child. It might be the least boring game I’ve ever played,” Elisabeth gives us a faint smile.
“Well, then I’m buying it. How much?” Vera takes up a pink wallet from her purse.
“It’s not for sale,” Elisabeth mutters.
“What? But you just...” Vera gets interrupted.
“It’s not for sale!” the old woman turns around and disappears.
“Okay, you heard the lady. Time to leave!” I take Veras hand and start pulling. “I want to re-visit the churro both since you still have money!”
“No, wait!” Vera grabbs my arm and whispers in my ear.
“Look, the woman has a both over there as well. Can you go distract her?”
“I don’t know, buy something?” Vera shruggs
“I don’t have any money!” I hiss.
“Here, take mine,” Vera gives her purse to me.
“What are you going to do, Vera?” I ask woringly.
“I’ll tell you later. Now, go distract that old witch!” she pushes me away and I stumble forward until I crash right in to someone.
“Watch it!” a boy in my age knocks me to the ground.
“Sorry!” I yell after him. He snorts to answer. “What a gentlemen,” I whisper sarcasticly to myself when he’s gone.
“Are you okay?” I look up, hoping the voice belongs to a handsome guy, but it doesn’t. It belongs to the old lady, Elisabeth.
“Oh, yes. I didn’t look where I was going,” I quickly stand up, shrugging of the colorful leaves from my jacket.
“It looked like you were pushed,” Elisabeths voice is right next to my ear. I jump in surprise.
“Oh, it was just my were..uhm..just fooling around,” I desperatly try to explain.
“Where is your friend now?” her question makes me nervous.
“She went churros!” A fake smile lights up my face.
“How wonderful,” the woman sees right through me, I can feel that.
“I agree! So, what are you selling over here?” I round Elisabeth, making my way toward the both where I saw her standing before.
“Oh, I’ll tell you!”
Fifteen minutes later, Vera puts her arm around me.
“Hello friend. Hi Elisabeth, sorry for earlier. I’m glad I didn’t buy it, I spent all the money on jewelry!” she gives Elisabeth a big smile.
“I thaught you were buying churros. That’s what your friend here said,”
Vera opens her mouth to say something, but I interrupt.
“My name is actually Juveline, not “friend” and I said that she bought churros and jewelry, at least that’s what I meant,” I give her a shy smile. “Sorry!” Vera adds “But now, time to go. My mom is her to pick us up! Goodbye, Elisabeth!” Vera waves at the woman while she drags me through the crowded street.
“Finally! What took you so long?” I ripp my hand from her grip.
“Well...” she opened her jacket and pulled out a fabric covered thing.
“Oh no, Vera, what have you done?” I asked reproachfully.
“Ehm, well..” she took away the fabric an reaveled the old game from the both earlier.
“Please tell me you didn’t steal that?” I begged. Vera gave me a tricky smile.
“Okay. I didn’t steal it. I took it.”
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