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the adventure through the realms
Traveling Through Dimensions
Chapter 2
“Camila! Wait up!”
It was about time to go home, after classes at the Bayedge School for Magical Training. Camila and her friend Harmony, had just begun walking home, when Camila all of a sudden started sprinting towards her house.
“I know you’re still upset about what Sliverlite said, but you know she just wanted a reaction!” said Harmony, once she’d caught up.
Harmony’s waist length blond hair was messy and tangled from running. However, her hazel eyes were sparkling with excitement. Her deeply tanned skin shone of sweat.
“I know. It’s just that I’m getting really sick and tired of not being able to discover my specialty. You’re lucky. Yours was discovered at like age six!” snapped Camila.
Her short brown hair hung around her shoulders. She had pale skin, but what was really unique was her eyes. They were a sky blue, but if you looked closer, you could see little clouds of white.
“That’s no way to treat your best friend,” said Harmony, grinning, and despite Camila’s protests, crushed her in a hug.
“I told you not to do that anymore!” said Camila, even though she was smiling. “You’re lucky that I don’t have the same specialty as Sliverlite, or else you’d be a pile of ash.”
The two girls laughed, and began to walk home, when they heard a yell behind them.
“How do you two run so fast?!”
Camila’s cousin, and other best friend, Thadeus, was running as fast as he could, but was still unable to catch up with them. He stopped, panting and clutching at a stitch in his side, then walked over to them.
Thadeus also had dark brown hair, but slightly darker skin than Camila. He had brown eyes, and was the same age as the girls.
“You’re just slow,” teased Camila. “You need to exercise more often.”
“Oh shut up,” said Thadeus. “Let’s just go home.”
They continued to their neighborhood, where they went their separate ways.
“I’m home!” shouted Camila as she walked through the front door. However, the only one who took notice of her was her little brother, Trevor. Her parents ignored her.
“Okay, mom and dad. Apparently browsing the internet is more important than your eldest child coming back from school. The least you can do is acknowledge my presence!” she muttered, then said louder, “Hi Trevor! Did you do anything interesting in school today?”
He beamed, looking up at her. “I had ice cream at lunch!”
He had curly brown hair and pale skin, like Camila, but his eyes were brown.
Camila resisted the urge to facepalm. Every single Friday Trevor would say that, since at his school Friday was ‘Ice Cream Friday’. Instead, she stayed patient and asked, “I already knew that. Anything else interesting, or out of the ordinary?”
Trevor sighed. “Well, apart from discovering that my best friend seemed to be on a sugar high the entire day, no, not really.”
Camila pinched her nose and shook her head. “Is there one day where you don’t abuse your specialty?”
Trevor tried to look innocent. “I didn’t do it yesterday!”
Camila crossed her arms and tried to assume the position of a stern mother. She raised an eyebrow. “Really?”
Trevor finally couldn’t hold it in anymore, and burst out laughing. When he started laughing, Camila dropped her pose and started laughing too.
Suddenly, her father snapped. “Quiet down, you two! I can’t focus on my work!”
Camila stood up, despite her brother silently begging her not to make her parents mad. “Oh yeah? Are you sure you’re doing work and not playing Candy Crush on your phone?”
“Go to your room, Camila! I don’t want to hear another word out of you until dinnertime!”
She huffed, then grabbed Trevor’s hand and led him upstairs into her room.
When they reached Camila’s room, she immediately went to her rather tall bookshelf. She adjusted a small platform at the foot of the shelf, stood on it, and then used a levitating charm to lift it up. Using more simple spells, she maneuvered it around the face of the shelf, and, upon finding the book she was looking for, she pulled it out and threw it to her brother, who caught it. She then pulled out another copy of the same book, and came back down.
“Try this book. I’ve only read the beginning, but it seems pretty promising.”
And with that, the siblings sank into the comfortable silence of reading.
After about an hour, a shout from downstairs alerted them that it was time for dinner. Camila put the books away again, and followed Trevor down the stairs.
As he talked about his day at school, Camila picked at her food and looked out the window. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Her mom went to answer the door, and Camila heard exclamations of surprise and, “Come in, please.”
Camila turned her head and was startled to see her cousin come in. She asked, “Why are you here?”
Thadeus answered glumly, “My parents couldn’t afford dinner, so they sent me to ask you if we could have some food.”
Thadeus’s parents had been having financial problems for months, almost a year now, and could barely afford the food they needed to stay healthy. Camila and her parents had been trying to help as much as possible, but they there was nothing else that they could do, except send donations of small sums of money. Unfortunately, the ability to create gold or money was not a charm or spell, you had to be born with the ability, and they didn’t know anyone that was.
Camila wished desperately with all her heart that she had that power, but whenever she tried to concentrate on creating any type of valuable resource, her vision seemed to darken, her stomach would churn, and she felt less connected to existence.
She once thought that her ability might be to teleport to places, but when she allowed the phenomenon to fully happen, she saw that she was in a replica of her room except there was strange automatic devices everywhere, and no sign of magic. Panicked, she did it again, focusing on her room, and everything returned back to normal.
She never told anybody about it, even though she might have accidentally figured out her specialty. She didn’t want to be turned into some sort of lab rat and being tested on.
Lost in her thoughts, she was suddenly jerked back into reality when she heard a voice saying, “Earth to Camila. Are you paying attention?”
She looked up and was met with the bright blue eyes of cousin. “No. Did you say anything I needed to know?”
He rolled his eyes. “Yes, actually. Have you ever, oh, I don’t know, say, taken something called Marilyn’s Fried Chicken?”
Camila’s eyes widened. “Oh yeah! I meant to heat it, and then I completely forgot! Wait a moment…”
She bolted down the hall, ignoring her parents warnings to slow down, and ran into her room, opening her closet, putting in her password into a simple lock, and opened up the door revealing her secret hoard full of food, games, and other things. She grabbed the box of chicken, re-locked the door, and ran out of the room, stumbling into the dining area. She then quickly cast an instant heating spell and passed it to Thadeus. “Done.”
Thadeus raised his eyebrows at her. “How did you run so fast?”
“Practice,” Camila replied, out of breath. “Anyways, did you need anything else?”
“Nope. That’s all.” Thadeus walked away and out of the house carrying the box of chicken and a plate of brownies.
An awkward silence followed his leaving.
“So,” said Trevor, breaking the silence. “Is anybody still hungry?”
After dinner, Camila decided to continue her book. Trevor followed her, and they went into Camila’s room to read a little bit more. After about 2 or 3 hours, Camila finally said, “I think we should stop for today.”
Trevor frowned. “This book is really good though!”
“I know that, but look at the time. It’s almost 9:30 in the evening! You need to go to sleep.”
“But what about you? I can tell you’re planning to stay up the entire night reading to get ahead of me. And my answer is that you have to go to sleep, too!”
Camila closed her eyes. It had been her intention to stay up all night reading, but she’d have to abandon that plan. She opened her eyes and said, “Alright, you got me. But I promise that I won’t stay up all night reading tonight.”
Trevor, still upset, complained, “Now you’re planning to get like one hour of sleep.”
Camila was genuinely shocked. “What made you think that?”
Trevor raised an eyebrow. Camila held her hands up in surrender and continued, “I actually was going to only read like an hour or two before sleeping. If you feel like you can’t sleep, you can do the same.”
Trevor huffed, grabbed his book, and stormed out of the room. Camila feeling utterly depressed, flopped down on her bed. What made her brother act so strange?
The next morning, Camila woke up first, again. Since it was a Saturday, there was no school. She laid in bed reading for a long time.
Eventually, she heard her mom yelling for her to come downstairs to have breakfast. She trudged down the stairs and was immediately stopped in her tracks by the glare Trevor was giving her.
For a long time, an awkward silence hung around them. Finally, Camila broke it by saying, “Wh-Why are you so upset with me, Trevor?”
Trevor promptly ignored her and continued eating his breakfast. Camila sighed, and ate as well.
As soon as Trevor finished, he stormed back upstairs, and didn’t come down. Camila started up the stairs, then decided to go back down, then reaching an indecision and just sat at the foot of the stairs. Why was Trevor so upset? she wondered.
Eventually, she decided to go upstairs to see what he was doing. His bedroom door was locked, so she knocked it. However, nobody answered it. Camila shouted, “If you don’t open this door or reply to me in the next ten seconds, I will magically open this door! 10… 9… 8…”
The door remained shut.
“7… 6… 5… 4…”
Camila could hear some shuffling, but nobody opened the door.
“3… 2… 1… Okay, you asked for it!”
Camila concentrated hard, stretched out her hand, and a small burst of light hit the door. The lock clicked, and she opened the door.
Inside, the room was empty. There was no sign of a struggle or anything, but Trevor had seemingly vanished.
“Trevor?” Camila called worryingly.
But nobody came.
Camila searched for almost an hour, before her parents remembered that Camila hadn’t come down yet. When they confronted her, though, Camila mumbled that she couldn’t find him.
“I checked all around his room, and the entire upstairs. I have no idea where he could be!”
In desperation, Camila called upstairs, “Trevor?”
To my surprise, this time she heard a reply. “Yes?”
In a flash, Camila ran up the stairs and into his room. There he was, sitting on his bed, reading his book. Camila ran up to him and hugged him. “Where did you go when I was calling you name a few minutes ago?”
Trevor looked momentarily horrified, but soon put on a mask of calm. “I was- um, in the bathroom, reading the book you gave me. I lost track of time!”
Camila glared. She didn’t believe that at all. “I did check the bathroom.”
“I used the bathroom downstairs!”
“I checked that one too.”
Trevor gulped, his eyes darting around the room. Finally he sighed. “What do you want, Camila?” he said rather rudely.
“I want to know exactly where you had been when I was searching for you.”
Trevor seemed to take a moment to think, then replied, “I was at my friend’s house.”
“And exactly how did you get out of this room?”
Trevor pointed sheepishly towards the window. “I tied a rope to the window and climbed down.”
Camila took a closer look, the knot was tied rather clumsily, and it trailed down to the ground. There, she could just barely see footsteps pointing away from the rope.
She sighed. “Why did you do that? I was about to just come up and ask you a few questions.”
“I didn’t want to answer them at the moment, okay?” Trevor seemed especially on edge, but Camila ignored it.
“Well, you seem to be able to answer my questions now. First one: why were you so upset with me when I decided to stop your reading?”
Trevor frowned. “I just got to a really good part. You’ve got to know the feeling when you get to a really climatic part and you’re forced to stop reading? Also, it was kind of late, and I was really tired.”
Camila thought. That happened to her all the time, and she couldn’t blame Trevor for ignoring her after that, but his way of dealing with it was a little extreme. “Okay, fine, but really, I literally had no idea why you were being so extremely upset with me.”
Trevor looked down. “I’m sorry, but recently, I’ve just kind of been really stressed and tired. I didn’t mean to lash out at you so much.”
Camila smiled. “It’s okay. Have you finished the book yet? I have. The ending’s kind of disappointing, but overall it’s really good.”
“Thanks. Can I finish my book now?”
Camila nodded, then exited the room. After informing her parents that Trevor had just gone to her friend’s house for about an hour and that he was perfectly fine, Camila decided to go visit Harmony, for no other reason than that she was bored.
She knocked on her door, and Harmony’s mom opened the door. “Oh, hello! Harmony is currently in her pool, just messing around. I’ll let her know you’re here.” She walked towards the direction of the backyard.
Camila ran back to her house. She burst through the front door, breathing heavily. “Mom, can I hang out at Harmony’s pool for the day?”
She got a muffled yes as a reply, and ran up to her room to change into a bathing suit. She called for Trevor, and asked if he wanted to go to Harmony’s pool too, and got a no as a response, so she just bolted out of the house and to Harmony’s again.
There, she was met with the sight of Harmony in the pool, her eyes closed and underwater.
“Harmony!” yelled Camila. When she didn’t respond, Camila yelled at her again.
Harmony’s jumped out of the water and opened her eyes. Her face broke into a wide grin. “Camila! Come on in!”
Without further hesitation, she jumped into the pool.
After several hours of just messing around at the pool, Camila came out sopping wet, dried herself off, and bid farewell to Harmony and her mom.
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