We had conquered the oceans
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I peered through the slit in my hand where my fingers met and saw such a sight it could not be described.
I could see a boat.
‘A boat? That is not that different or exciting!’ I can hear you thinking. But, this was not any boat, this was a quirky but sleek and well built boat. If boats could have a personality, this one would be clever and sly but appear to be an angel on the outside.
Oh, I could not wait to step onto that polished deck!
Mum said I could see the boat then (she did not know I had already seen a glimpse of it) and it was a beautiful sight.
I had to name it though... Alice? No that would be strange since MY name is Alice. Something beginning with aqua... I had got it! Triaquaria would be crowned its name. It may sound strange but the TRI was there because the boat was covered with a pattern of triangles.
I announced this to the family and we had a glorious picnic by the sea.
As I could and cannot drink any alcohol, I picked up my favourite raspberry lemonade and sprayed it everywhere (Although I tried not to spray it on the boat for obvious reasons).
I knew straight away where I was going to travel with Triaquaria. My family knew too. I was going to sail to all and I mean ALL of the islands around Spain (We were staying in Spain at the time).
I had always wanted to sail the world, but this was the first step. Maybe I should sail to Minorca first?
I looked up on the internet that it is one of the closest islands to where we were. I went back into our house to ask Dad.
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