from the world of boys, friends. and HIGH SCHOOL
Triple A
I doodle in my notebook, ignoring my history teacher during one of her long boring lectures. I wish I was out shopping with my friends, or enjoying donuts at the local bakery. I would give almost anything to get out of here.
“Angelina Maywood! I asked you a question.” Mrs. Long says, pulling me out of the daydream.
“What?” I ask, looking up from my notebook.
“What was the Renaissance?” Mrs. Long says, her words dripping with annoyance.
“Um, it was like, uh...” I stall, racking my brain for even the tiniest bit of information. “ Was it like, a new beginning or something?”
A short girl with glasses and brown hair threw her hand up in the air.
“Yes Ashley?” Mrs. Long asks proudly. Ashley is a total nerd, and one of my best friends. If she gets anything lower than a 90 on a test she thinks it’s a horrible mark, if you know what I’m saying.
“The Renaissance was the rebirth of European society, art and culture that started in the 1300’s.” Ashley says without a hint of doubt in her tone, she is most confident when she’s showing off her talents, and I love her for it.
“Nicely put, Ashley.” Mrs. Long says, and continues with her lecture.
I stand in front of my locker, waiting for Ashley and Amber to arrive so we can walk home together. We live closely on the same street, and we met at a playground near our houses in kindergarten. The three of as are polar opposites. Ashley is a total geek, she loves anything Star Wars and reads more than anyone I know, and I know a lot of people. Amber is athletic and popular, she’s the captain of the girls’ soccer team and takes part in every sport this school has to offer; I, on the other hand, love anything to do with art and fashion. Shopping is my specialty and if you’re ever in need of style advice, I’m the one to call.
“Angelina!” I turn around and see Amber jogging towards me.
“Hey girl! Where’s Ashley?” I ask after I give my friend a hug.
“She’s coming. You know how long it takes her to pack her books.” We share a laugh just as Ashley comes skipping down the hall. What she lacks in height, she gains in cheerfulness.
I wave goodbye to my friends and step inside our big house. My mom is the head of Maywood Couture (a huge fashion business) and my dad is a doctor, so I come from a wealthy family.
It seems like no one is home, so I jog up one of the curved staircases leading to the split level and run my hand along the glossy railing as I go up. The white double-doors leading to my room look inviting, I open them and walk inside.
My room is absolutely amazing. Strategically placed photos of my friends and me line the clean white walls. A big fluffy pink chair that matches the soft pink carpet is placed in the corner and a large white desk covers part of the wall across the room from it. My closet doors lead to a spacious closet filled with gorgeous clothes, accessories and shoes. Finally, a large queen-sized bed sits in the middle of the room along the wall; The mattress and pillows are lined with pink-dotted silk sheets, and a furry pink throw is tossed across the chevron pink comforter.
I kick off my pink flats and flop onto my bed; My phone jingles and I open the text from Amber:
come 2 my house ASAP
I furrow my eyebrows at the text, but head over nonetheless. Once I reach Amber’s house, I go inside without knocking, and I know something is wrong as soon as I step inside.
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