The secret torture that kills thosands
True Beauty
They barely know I exist
The notion of me is hidden, for it would make anyone’s heart throb. Yet they still support them. They call them cosmetics, but we know what they really are.
Every ounce of makeup bought from them. Every evil powder, is torture for me. For my mother. For my siblings. It’s torture.
But they hide us. They don’t know our prison exists. They chose not to think about us, to pretend we don’t exist, because they know it’s wrong.
But they buy it. They buy the torture built on our blood. Constantly pretending we don’t exist. But we do.
And we don’t have a way out.
So we are stuck in this prison. Facing torture. Being killed everyday. Treated as if we are less than living. Disposable science projects. Like it’s okay to kill us.
Yet they still buy torture made from our blood. Our suffering. Our torture. But they don’t know the truth.
Their makeup is ugly. Hideous. A sign of their evil.
It is never beautiful.
It will never be true beauty.
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