One brings life, the other destroys....
Two Sisters, Two Friends
A simple beginning
Mara and Allegra were twins. But that doesn’t mean they looked alike. Not at all. Mara was pale, with long black hair that hid most of her face, although she had the most striking violet eyes. Allegra, on the other hand, was tanned and green-eyed, with bouncy golden curls and a confident smile. Though polar opposites, the two were very close. They shared countless summer afternoons together, lazing in the sun on a green field, exploring the woods or splashing in the small stream that ran past their house. In winter they would ice skate on the lake and tell ghost stories in their bedroom, wrapped in blankets.
Every evening they would sit on the roof and watch the sunset. To the girls, there was something magical about the pinks and oranges that filled the sky as the sun slowly sank onto the horizon.
But all of their adventures together were about to change..
One summer evening as Allegra and Mara sat on their rooftop watching the sunset, Mara said, “Will we always be best friends?”
Allegra, surprised replied, “Why are you asking? Of course we will! We’ll be twins and best friends forever and ever.”
“Good.” said Mara softly and they sat in silence for a while. When the bright hues that had so artfully lit up the sky faded to a dark, cobalt blue, peppered with silver stars, Allegra asked, “What does the colour of the sky remind you of?”
After giving it a considerable amount of thought, Mara said decidedly, “Blueberries. The way the skin of the blueberries has slightly lighter and darker patches looks like the clouds.”
“It reminds me of Mother’s sapphire necklace!” giggled Allegra. “You know, the really extravagant one with all the pearls.”
Mara grinned. “Don’t you think it’s getting a little chilly out here?” she asked, rubbing her arms, “We should probably go inside.”
“You’re right.” Allegra yawned. “I’m quite tired actually.”
Later that night, when both girls were tucked up in bed, Allegra had a most peculiar dream. Her and Mara were sitting on the roof, just as they had been only hours before, watching the sunset. They stayed there until the sky was black and filled with stars. But then, a star whizzed down to them, almost too bright to look at. There was a flash, and the star had become a woman. “You!” she hissed at Mara. “You’re the one who gives us bad luck! You ruin everything all the time!” She then tried to push Mara off the roof, but Allegra threw herself in front of her. As Allegra desperately tried to regain her footing, the woman snickered. “Oh well. You’re just the same - both of you!” And Allegra felt herself falling.......
Allegra jolted awake in a cold sweat. Mara was already awake, looking at Allegra. “Erm - are you alright, Allegra?”
Breathing heavily, Allegra nodded. “Just had a nightmare.”
Mara looked concerned. “That’s unusual for you. Are you SURE you’re alright?”
“I’m fine.”
Mara still looked a little worried, but she said, “Let’s get some breakfast then.”
Later on, the two girls decided they would go for a walk in the woods. “We won’t be long.” called Mara to their parents, and off they went. They walked for a long time, chatting, laughing, picking flowers, admiring the world around them. Above them was a canopy of trees; below them, earth and soil, with green leaves coming up out of the ground.
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