what happens between me and you
Two Years From Now
Background on the Drama
“He has a girlfriend, Maddie,” Katy told me one day at school.
“Oh...” I answered.
And then we went to class.
“HEY MADDIE!” Someone calls behind me. I spin around. Dark hair, sunken eyes, flashy grin. The boy I’m falling in love with. I smile weakly.
“Hi Jason,” I say.
“So-on the bus today?”
“Cool. See you later!”
“You SO have a crush on him!”
“What? No.”
“Don’t deny it, M.”
“Ugh. Meg, could you be any louder?” I tell Meghan on the bus. We’re sitting in the middle, away from Jason and the rest of his 8th grade buddies in the back.
“Duh. Do you know me?”
“Fair point,” I comment.
“So you DO like Jason!” A voice pipes up from behind us. I sink into the seat in defeat.
“GO AWAY CHRIS!” Meg shouts. Chris is that annoying kid who makes very inappropriate jokes, gossips way more than any other kid I know.
“Fine. #Mason forever!” He yells and climbs out of the seat and walks to the back of the bus.
“Noooooo,” I moan and put my head in my hands. Meg pushes my hair behind my ears and lifts my head up.
“Well, I have some advice.”
“Oh no,” I say smiling a bit.
“You better make a move on him-he’s graduating in three weeks!”
“I know!”
“I would rethink this crush over.”
“Thanks,” I say sarcastically and beg anything to stop Chris from yelling “MASON FOREVER” in the back.
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