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The First Day of Middle School: Homeroom
“Bye hon.” Mom says to me.
“Bye!” I say rushing out the door with my brand new backpack and sneakers. It’s the first day of middle school and I’m soooooo excited! This year my goal is to be popular. Every year I’ve been the outcast, the nerd or the bookworm. Well this year I want to be popular. I spent all Summer begging my parents for an iPhone 5 because everyone has it. Finally my parents let me have one. They bought me it for my birthday on one condition, I had to pay for the bill.
When I get to school I hurry to my homeroom. I look around the classroom then I see Layla, Natalie and Camilla. Layla, Natalie and Camilla are the most popular girls in my grade! My stomach does flip-flops inside.
“Hello,” says my homeroom teacher, Ms. Riaan “a name tag with your name on it is on one of the desks.”
I look for my name, it’s in the first row and I’m sitting next to Layla and Camilla. Behind me is Natalie’s seat. Yes! I think to myself I can finally become friends and get to know Layla, Natalie and Camilla!
“Okay,” Ms. Riaan says when everyone gets seated “so lets do roll call!”
I hear Camilla whisper to Layla, “It’s not called roll call anymore you oldie!”
I hear Layla snicker.
“Here!” I say.
After Ms. Riaan finishes roll call she puts us with partners to come up with a short poem about both of us. She pairs me with Camilla.
“So I like cats, cookies and penguins.” I say to Camilla.
“Cats,” Camilla says disgusted “I hate cats! Dogs are sooo much better!”
“I was just kidding!” I say quickly.
Anyway we ended up making this poem:
Peyton: I like cats
Camilla: I like dogs
Peyton: I like bats
Camilla: and I like frogs
Peyton: eww!
Camilla: yuck
Peyton: we have nothing in common,
Camilla: except that...
Peyton and Camilla: we like to hang out with friends!
Peyton: Yeah!
Camilla: The End
Camilla and Peyton: Thanks for listening!
After we performed it Camilla walked over to Natalie and Layla rolling her eyes.
“That was totally lame!” She says.
“Yeah, totally.” Layla says.
“Lets ask to use the bathroom.” Natalie says.
“Yeah,” Layla says. They all ask to use the bathroom and Ms. Riaan lets them. After two minutes I ask if I can go and she says yes. Maybe I can talk to them! I think to myself excitedly.
When I get into the bathroom I see Layla, Camilla, and Natalie washing their hands.
“Hey.” I say trying to be all cool.
“Oh, hi.” Natalie says flipping her black hair out of her face.
“Hey,” Camilla says to me mimicking me. Layla and Natalie snicker. Camilla tightens her perfect brown hair ponytail.
“Hey, guys it’s almost time for our next class.” Layla says to Camilla and Natalie.
“Oh, yeah, right!” Natalie says. Natalie, Camilla and Layla all walk out of the bathroom together, Layla’s long dirty blonde hair which is up in a ponytail swaying the most.

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