What if you suddenly went from the top of the chart to the bottom?
A New Life
I don’t remember what happened. It just was a flash. My whole life I have had a servant. My WHOLE life. Now its just me. One day I was Carrie Martin the most popular pop star in the universe . Now I’m just Carrie Martin a nobody.
“Marcy!”, I yelled. No answer. “Marcy!”, I yelled again. Still no answer.I walked down the hallway to my Life Planners room.
“Sara!”, I say, “Why isn’t Marcy answering my calls”
“She is no longer your servant”, Sara replies
“Why?”, I asked.
“After you became Un-Popular she decided not to work for you any more”.
“Wait WHAT!!!!”, I shouted, “ I became UN-popular”.
“Oh yes I forgot to tell you”, Sara said
“Why? How?”. I asked
“ Remember that big giveaway?”, She said
“Yeah!”, I replied
“Samantha was supposed to give away the money. Then she took it for her self and said you stole it”, Sara explained
“ WHAT!?”, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, “ and they all believed her?”
“Yep”, Sara
“Wow”, I gasped, “ That’s awful!”
“ Well now your gonna have to live the normal life”, Sara says.
“ What do you mean?”? I ask.
“ You’re gonna have to start living like a normal person.” , she got up, slammed the clipboard down and walked out the door.
“Sara!”, I yell, “ Sara!”
“ Bye Carrie!”, she says, “ See you later!”
My life is falling apart now. Why is this happening to me?
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