A recollection of room 24
Under this Starry Sky
September 1st, 2015
So, I guess this is the start of my new journal. I’m Sarah Stall, by the way. I’m in 7th grade, in the nicest privet school in the county. It’s called Waterfront Prep. We have classes just like in elementary school, with only one teacher. Her name is Miss Colorado, and she is the most oblivious teacher in the school. There are 24 of us. Let me run down the list
Violet Tillmore
Evie Raught
Tim Smert
Hayden Boulder
Charlie Fallor
Ryan Lamn
Lewis Mile
Emmy Stoner
Nick Glenn
Gracie McMahon
Jake Mirror
Chloe Caro
Luna Partel
Johnny Cazar
Morgan Villareal
Brady Huff
Jill Carter
John Buckle
Krystal Meadow
Taliyah Naike
Lucas van Wijzen
Alex Zatre
Caiphus Arbor
So basically, these are my classmates and friends. Miss Colorado is making us do a journal all together, in which we write down anything. Letters, love notes, paragraphs, diary entries, you name it. It’s supposed to be team building exercise throughout the year. I was appointed keeper of the journal, and this is it. Enjoy!
To Taliyah
I saw how he left her at lunch. She is such a loser, right? I can’t believe she was the most popular girl in school. I mean, have you seen her clothes? I’m glad Nick made the right choice to drop the girl. Too bad she isn’t in Miss Colorado’s class, huh? Well, now that Nick’s open, he is sure to be mine, right?
Your bestie, Luna
Luna Tuna,
OMG! You are soooo right! I have the perfect plan to fix you guys up! Ok, we need to go buy some roses, pink paper, and perfume. Lots of perfume! Oh, btw, did you see that new lipstick brand at Jolie’s? It’s supposed to stay on for at least 72 hours! Me and Emmy are gonna hit the mall and check it out after school. You coming?
Lotsa love, Tally Wally
How many times have I told you not to call me Luna Tuna! And yes, duh, of course I’m going to Jolie’s. Well, see you then!

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