Crashed into an Island but found something amazing
Underground Camp
The Canoe Trip
“Okay everyone, today we will now be going on an all day canoeing trip!”. Said the camp counselor. She was pretty nice and knew how to survive in the great outdoors no-matter what, but there was just something about her that didn’t make me trust her entirely.
“Get into groups of three” she said. Me and my buddy Jim just had to find somebody else to pull into our group. We looked around and saw that everyone already had 3 members. “Wait... Wait for me!” yelled Ava while running as fast as she could towards us.
“Hurry up and find a group” Said the counselor to her.
“Well, I guess we have a full group now” Jim whispered to me.
But before long, we were all set up and ready to go. I was sitting at the back, which meant that I had to steer the canoe. I liked powering the canoe better but the back was the second best.
“I cant wait until somebody’s boat flips” snickered Jim.
“Yeah that would be funny” I replied.
We looked around amazed by the view, there were many islands and the water was a deep blue. It looked incredible. I just wanted to stay here and enjoy the scenery until I realized we started going off-course. Nobody else seemed to notice it either.
“Guys….?” I hesitated.
I looked around but we were all alone, nobody seemed to notice but there were no other canoes in sight.
“Hey, where are we?” I said, a little panicked.
“We lost the others!!??” Screamed Ava.
“Wait relax, you’re gonna end up toppling the boat over and we will be soaked along with all of our stuff” I cautioned her.
Jim still seemed to be in a trance with his hand dipping in the water, and was just starting at nothing.
“Jim! Jim!! Hello? Jim are you there?”
I waved my hands, but I was at the back, he couldn’t see me. People probably would have though I was crazy if the saw me, but that would have still been better than being stuck in the middle of nowhere.
Our boat started to pick up speed. I wondered how that was happening even though nobody was paddling until I realized were speeding down a river.
“Watch out for the rocks” Ava yelled.
I steered us to the side and we had a minor collision with a smaller rock. Water splashed all over us.
“Uh…” Rick said, as he woke up.
Soon his “Uh” turned into more of an “AHHHHHHHH”.
“This is not good” Ava said as she closed her eyes and hoped for the best (us not dying).
We were headed strait for an island. “Wow, great” I though, the river just had to lead straight up to an island.
We started picking up speed rapidly, and before we knew it we all at sand in our faces (I think our boat crashed and flung us onto the island and…. Yeah…)

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Island

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