A princess loses her father and her life turns upside down
Unhappy Forever?
Disbelief & Misunderstanding
“What?!” Princess Isabella exclaimed horrified, falling to her knees. “What happened to father?”
The servant bowed. “I’m sorry, Your Highness. I saw King Philips lying on the kitchen floor as I entered to speak to the chefs.”
“Where’s father? Is he okay?” She rose to her feet, “I must see him.”
“I send my sincere apologies, Your Highness. But His Highness is asleep at this moment.”
“Send me the chefs.” She said as she fell into the armchair.
“What’s this? I didn’t ask for food!” Princess said angrily, staring down at the plates of fruits, cake and croissants.
“Then what for, Your Highness?” One of the chefs asked, rubbing his temples.
“What happened to father? Please tell me!” She pushed away the plates.
“His Highness asked for a cup of tea, and as we were too busy, we forgot to send it. We were chopping up the carrots when he came up behind us and fell to the floor. Sorry, Princess. We don’t know anything more.”
“Too busy to serve the ruler of this country?!” She exclaimed, “Out! I don’t want to see you until the sun rises back again.”
The Chefs bowed their heads’ in shame and turned without another word.
Princess Isabella stood on her tower veranda, staring down at the town.
Sighing, she tossed her hair to the right and caught glimpse of a woman dressed in black from head to toe, carrying a golden embroidered book under her left arm. She looked so mysterious and suspicious, the Princess couldn’t stop looking.
That book looks oh so familiar, Princess thought. Then, by chance she caught glimpse of the bold word, SECRETS.
Where had she seen it before? And why was that woman walking so fast? She wondered.
She stared at the woman until she turned around the corner, completely out of sight.
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