It’s up to Tom and Ginny to find their special talents
Ginny *Tom*
“Hello Kensington’s. I am here to show you on the tour of your new house,” Butler said, opening the huge wooden door of our new mansion.
“Woah!” I gasped.
The mansion was huge - who could expect it not to be? – and everything was fully polished and ready for move-in.
“Could you take Tom to his room first? He has seemed a little awkward about our new move,” Mom said to Butler, staring him straight in his whiskered face.
“Okay ma’am.”
He placed a cold hand on my shoulder and led me up the first fleet of stairs.
Butler turned left, passed what I supposed what was my parents room, and soon we were at a big framed door.
He pushed me inside, and said in his somber voice, “this is it. Go on now.”
I gasped again.
The room was about two times the size of our old house. Yeah right. About four times the size.
My old bed was still there, but the old, ragged sheets were replaced with new fantasy football ones, and I had a new desk with a computer on top in one corner of the room.
I don’t know how or why dad won the lottery, but I’m so happy he did.
“Okay sir. I will come back as soon as I take your parents and sister around on a tour. Ring the bell if you need anything.” Butler said, handing me a small golden bell.
I smiled, thinking about all of the things I could do here.
Suddenly, a head looked through my window.
It was covered in a purple stocking cap, but underneath was frizzy red hair that poofed out every which way.
“Hello,” I said awkwardly.
“So, you’re the new kid, huh,” she said. “Well, nice to see that you don’t look like you brag a lot.”
“Yeah,” I said. “D-dad just won the lottery, and we just moved in.”
“Well, hello to you, too.”
She hoisted he foot through the window, and the other one followed.
“What are you, um, doing?” I asked.
“Oh, just coming in,” she replied. “I wanna see your room. There has never been another kid that lived here. When I tried to come in, the dog barked at me and I was b-u-s-t-e-d.”
“Yeah…Right,” I responded like I understood.
“Good to see that you understand, unlike that dog,” she replied.
I stared at her guiltily. Gulp. “Yeah, pretty much.”
“Well, what’s your name?” she asked. “Mine’s Ginny.”
“Um, mine’s T-tom.” I stuttered.
“Hi Tom. Nice name, by the way.”
Suddenly, Butler entered the room.
“Hide!” I whisper-shouted, ringing the call bell.
It was too late. Butler saw Ginny and said, “well, hello Ginny. How are you doing today?”
“Fine, thank you very much. Just checking on Tom here,” she said, winking in my direction.
“Good. I am up here to bring him to dinner. Now,” he said, glancing at me.
“No problem.” Ginny smiled. “I’ll just step out so you guys can chat about, y’ know, boy stuff.”
She stepped out of the window, and as soon as she did, Butler started talking to me in a whisper.
“Ginny is c-r-a-z-y. Last time she came, she set off the alarm, fell out of the window, and broke her arm,” he growled.
“Well, I don’t really care about what you think, but she seems pretty nice to me.” I protested.
“Well, go ahead. Like Ginny. Do whatever you want to do and think whatever you want to think, but I am here to watch over you and help you and BRING YOU TO DINNER. Let’s go. Your family is waiting, and I will lose my job if you are late.”
He led me out of my room, and pushed me down the stairs.
“Thanks a lot, Butler,” I grumbled. “Thanks a lot.”
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