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New year,new stuff...
Alishia finished packing her bag for the new school year.she was very excited to meet her friends after such a long,long,long vacation.she did have fun with her family a lot but having fun with your besties is way different.
she heard a knock on the door, “Alis, are you ready ?’’this voice belonged to her elder sister, Adrianna. alishia opened the door and hugged her sister.
“yup’’she said.
“Adrianna,alishia, come down for breakfast!’’ their mother said.
‘’race you to the hall!’’said alishia.’’you’re on!’’said adrianna.they both ran to the hall from alishia’s room, to the staircase,to the hall.
’’I WON! I WON!’’said Alishia, ‘’I always let you win’’said Adrianna and then they both laughed.
‘’oh how much i’m going to to miss her’’ said alishia’s mom.’’it’s alright,even i will miss her a lot’’said alishia’s dad.alishia came and hugged them both.
‘’oh come on mom and dad! we will talk on my tablet and my phone!’’said alishia.’’okay,okay.now eat your breakfast’’replied her mom.
‘’it’s a year full of new surprises’’said her sister as she sat on the chair.’’yeah,i think so’’said alishia. Today,the table was full of alishia’s favorite dishes as it was her last day at home. alishia was delighted by seeing all those dishes and then began eating .‘’So..... second year at school,i don’t expect it to be any different than the first year’’said alishia’s dad slightly raising an eyebrow. ‘’Dad!don’t scare her! second year’s a lot different than the first year,especially at a school like that.’’said adrianna.
‘’oh, you got me. but alishia don’t be too nervous out there, be my brave little girl’’said her dad.
’’thanks dad’’said alishia.
‘’She’s going to attend and live in her school for god’s sake! not going to fight a war!’’,said her mom,’’she’ll be fine. she’s my little girl.’’
‘’she’s not just your little girl,ok?’’said her dad frowning.
‘’right’’,said her mom giving a side smile.
‘’MOM,DAD!’’said her sister.
‘’just remember one thing,whatever happens you can always share with your family...we always got your back’’said her sister,her mom and dad nodded in agreement. alishia smiled. she loved her family and they loved her a lot.
‘’i love you guys!’’she said.she hugged her family members for the last time. then she said,’’take care of them for me, big sis.’’and then she winked to her elder sister . they said goodbye and waved as she sat in the car. alishia even waved as the car started moving, until her family was out of sight.
then she turned to the window on her side and began watching the scenery.
alishia sighed. So,i’m really going to miss them,she thought.
a new tune
Vanessa was packing her bag.Her bag was full of dark colored clothes so she tossed a pair of silver heels to add color. she blasted off the new music album of maroon 5,her favorite music band.
Vanessa closed her eyes and she danced as she packed and also began humming the song.suddenly she bumped to the to her closet which contained her large collection of headphones,Bluetooth speakers,a karaoke set, a mike,a microphone,etc.
’’Oops’’,she said.
She opened her window, the sun was rising,last phase of summer had ended.
’’Hey Maria!’’,she called as she waved to the little girl in the neighborhood.Maria smiled and waved back.
‘’Do you have my music album CD i gave your sister?’’
‘’it’sh light eere’’said Maria in her baby voice trying to say ‘its right here’.
‘’Good. Then throw it here’’said Vanessa.’’but,your bedloom it’sh four stoliesh up’’said Maria trying to mean, ‘but your bedroom is four storeys up’.’’Don’t worry,i’ll catch it’’replied Vanessa. Maria threw the CD and then Vanessa caught it.
she went down to her brother’s room where he was making some music.’’awesome tune,bro’’said vanessa.’’yeah.well it’s your new school year, right? a new school year is like a new tune venus,you like it,you get the hang of it and then it becomes your favorite’’said her brother.’’thanks bro’’she said.
then vanessa slided down the railings of the staircase as her brother walked.’’woo-hoo!’’she said in unison.
then they came down to the dining hall. vanesssa’s mom came aand gave her a kiss on the forehead, and said ‘’this year is new and everything about it is going to be new,so be positive’’.
her dad came and said,’’there’s that smile.always keep smiling like this;always’’.
they all had their meal and had a karaoke.
after that,vanessa hugged her family members and said goodbye.’’keep visiting my music club; it’s near your school’’her brother said.
then vanessa sat in the car and waved to her family,smiling.
then she started admiring the scenery.
‘’i hope i like this new tune’’said vanessa.

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So there the school year begins...

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