Sequel to normal
I look at myself in the mirror, blond, curly hair, gray eyes, like chips of flint. Perfectly pressed clothes, not a wrinkle in sight. Prim, proper shoes, brown and slim. I am normal, on the outside. I am right. That’s what everyone thinks. How wrong they are. I am not normal. I am not right, I am wrong. A monster.
I am unnatural.
I whip around, turning my back to the mirror. I instead stare out my window, at the filtered grey light. It is peaceful in the morning. I like it. Soon, however, I must leave.
I exit my room, heading down the hallway, past Avalon’s room, and past what used to be Mavis’ room. Sometimes, I wonder if she hates me. But I won’t know. She’s far away, up in the mountains, becoming right once again. Unlike me.
And soon, I am at the stairs. I head down, slowly, softly.
I sit down at the counter top, where the family computer. I wave the mouse, waiting for it to turn on. After it does, I visit the news website. One headline catches my eye.
‘Riot in Colorado Rehabilitation Hall Ends in Escape.’
Mavis was there...
Did she escape?
However, it doesn’t matter right now. I need to eat food. I step up to the pantry, and get out some cereal. Delicious. I pour a bowl, and take it back to the computer. I need to read more. I click on the article once more, and start to read.
‘Last night, a terrible event happened in the Colorado Rehabilitation Hall, located beyone Winter Park. A group of dissatifed Rehabilitees destroyed the revered location, and tried to exile the staff and faculty. Thankfully, they were stopped, and many were captured. Sadly, many died. Mostly Rehabilitees, but a large number of guards and faculty. However, the remaining hundred or so Rehabilitees left managed to escape, and headed somewhere into the forest.’
Oh no.
But I don’t have time for this.
I have to leave.
I dash out the door, grabbing my backpack and book, and head onto the bus.
Soon, I arrive at school.
I step off the bus, and onto the sidewalk.
And soon, I enter the school itself.
And I see him.

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