How much do you really know about your friends?
Unraveling the Lies
Dear Heather,
Thanks for being the greatest jerk who ever lived. I hope you have a great time with your new, popular, better best friends. I hope you have a terrific time picking on other kids.
I don’t get it. Why are you even friends with her anyway? The only reason she’s friends with you is because you have a phone and social media. It’s not fair. But you wouldn’t listen to me. All I wanted you to do was go back to the way you were in elementary school. When you were actually nice.
I would bet anything that if you didn’t have a phone that she wouldn’t hang out with you. You saw when she bullied Hannah. You saw how Hannah cried after.
But you just stood there. And watched. And did nothing.
Dear Heather Veropoli,
I hate you.
Sincerely, your ex-best-friend,
Sophie Amadaya Scott
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