One play. Two nights. Three loves.
Pizza place at seven
Brrrrring! The school bell chimed signalling the next class. I got up from my seat, taking my blue math binder with me. Drama. Great. Why did I decide to take this course? I know I’m just gonna be a background actress. I thought.
I met up with my friend/sister.
“Hey! What’s up? It’s drrrrrrama class!” She said, her pastel pink hair put up in a high ponytail. She wore a black cropped sweater and white jeans.
“I know it’s drama,” I said, not even trying to match her enthusiasm.
“Well, I’m excited.”
“I’m not surprised. You’ve been the main character in the school play for your whole time in high school.” I said. I kicked an acorn out of the way.
And yes, our high school halls are outside. We live in Hawaii. It makes sense now, doesn’t it? You should hear some other key points in my life:
1. We are, in fact, twins.
2. She died her hair pink. It is NOT her natural hair colour, obviously.
“Well... still! You should be excited! What if you become the main character? That would be fun for you!” She said, trying to find a reason to cheer me up.
“The only way that would happen is if you summoned a miracle.”
“Ooh! And by the way... I can’t walk home with you tonight, and for a week. I got a lot of science detention.”
“Man, that’s not fair!” I said, pretending to care.
“I know!” She said as if she didn’t know I was being sarcastic.
“Well, learn to suck it up,” I said. “Nothing is ever fair.
I swung open the door. We were half a minute early. Well, it just felt like we were. Very few people were interested in drama, let alone would waste their time working on a play just to embarrass themselves in front of their friends.
About nine other people were in the class. Now there was eleven. I scanned the room. Nobody was here that made fun of me... I realised that I just thought a lie. Jake. Just great. Out of the 1000 people in this school, Jake had to be here? Really?
If you couldn’t tell, I really don’t like Jake. He’s not mean, I guess. Well, he is just annoying. But he decided to bring his brother, Zak, who I do like. Maybe a bit too much? I checked my clothing. A maroon tee shirt, black leggings, and running shoes. Not bad... But Zak wouldn’t take not bad. Mental note: wear something awesome tomorrow.
“Hey, Bella. There’s a free seat here.” Zak said. Wait, I’m Bella!
“Um... Okay,” I said, trying to sound casual. I took a seat next to Zak, my heart pounding.
“Okay, class. Welcome, welcome. If you don’t know, I’m Ms. C, your drama teacher. This year we will be doing a play called countdown. It’s something the film club wrote last year. It is a romance. I want you all to audition for the parts right now. The rest of you who don’t make it will be working in makeup/wardrobe or set design.
“Can I hear all of your names? And please, please, take a seat! In the chairs, of course. The stage will be for the auditions, which, if you didn’t already hear, is right now. I will hand out your scripts once you are done saying your name.”
The names went around as Ms. C pointed at people. Finally, she pointed at me, last.
“I’m Bella,” I said.
“Bella... Okay! I want you to audition for the part “Josiphene”, a young girl who is spunky, sarcastic, and a rule breaker. She is also the main love interest. You may audition first because you said your name last. You will audition with Jake, who will be Brian, the main character. Feel free to improvise.”
I hated it. But, I didn’t want to fail my drama class. Ms. C handed us the scripts.
I stepped out onto the large stage, ready to embarrass myself. I noticed that I couldn’t see what the “Brian” character was saying.
But it did say when “Brian” talked, and Jake went first.
“I’ll see you at the pizza place at six,” Jake said. His voice had never sounded so sincere.
“No,” I said, trying to sound edgy. Jake’s face fell, probably just like it was scripted. “I wanna meet at seven.”
“Why must you challenge me?” Jake asked.
“Why do you care?”
“It annoys me, Josy. It bothers me.”
“Well, this time I’m not trying to challenge you. I have to go to the car shop to fix up a car. I should be done by seven, not six.”
“I’m sorry. I can meet at seven. Done date?”
Jake touched my arm. I flinched slightly, and it was unscripted. I just thought that Josy would do that. I knew I would. Jake pulled my arm gently, so I looked him in the eye.
“Goodbye,” Jake said.
“Bye. See you soon. At seven.”
Okay, class. Everyone has auditioned. Everyone, you did a great job. But, for the main characters, two people really stood out. I would like these two people to come up onto this beautiful stage: Jake and Bella!”
My face got hot. The performance with Jake had made a pretty strong impact on what I thought of him, but I still didn’t like him enough to be in a play with him. Well, it is my fault I’m here. I stepped onto the stage with Jake.
The bell rang. It was time to go home. I went to my locker to get my french homework.
“Hey,” Jake said, brushing his brown hair away from his face.
Why is he here?
“What do you want?” I asked.
“You were great doing your performance. I know you’ll be great as Josy.”
“So... I just wanted to ask you... would you like to go on a... date sometime? Like, today?”
“Sorry, I have french homework,” I said nicely.
“Oh. I’m really good at French. Here’s an example: Purple in French is violet. And French in French is francais.” He said, mildly sarcastic.
I laughed.
“Okay. You can walk me home. If you don’t impress me, go away. If you do, you can take me to the pizza place at seven.”
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