One with nature
Just Me
My name is Lily. Yes, just Lily. No middle name, no last name. Just Lily. I don’t have any parents or siblings, because they died when I was a baby. Auntie told me they got very sick. I was raised by animals. Auntie is an old screech owl. She has three baby owls named Duffy, Fluffy, and Hooter. I call them my cousins.
I live all alone in a house in the forest except for the animals who stop by and check on me every day. The wolves used to let me live with them in their warm, cozy cave, but now that I’m fourteen, they said I could live in my parents’ old house. It is just a run-down old shack, but it keeps me safe throughout winter, spring, summer, and fall, so I’m happy.
Oh yeah, one more thing. I can talk to the animals. I’m not really sure how I even do it, but I can understand them, and they can understand me. Auntie says I’m a special human, but I think it’s because they raised me. I never even left the woods until yesterday. The animals brought me roots and berries to eat, so I never needed to buy food. But then Auntie told me something that changed my life.
“Hoot hoot! I do believe it is time for you to go schoo-hooool my dear.”
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