One with nature
Carson Brady
I could tell that Kelly had something very important to tell me about Carson, but the bell rang and we had to get back to class. I could see her the whole afternoon, squirming in her seat and staring out the window. As soon as our last class ended, she grabbed my hand and ran with me out the door.
“I’ll explain when we get home,” she whispered as we grabbed our backpacks. “There are always sneaky people on the bus who will tell the whole school all your secrets.”
So I spent an agonizing 30 minute ride in a bus full of highschoolers. It was mostly agonizing because Kelly couldn’t sit still and kept poking me with her elbows.
Finally the bus pulled up to our dirt driveway and we hopped off. Kelly fairly dragged me into the house.
“Hi girls; how did school go?” Mrs. Harford a.k.a Mom asked when we burst through the screen door with a crash.
“Fine Mom. Thanks. See you later. We’ll be in my room,” Kelly shouted as she pulled me up the stairs and into the room across the hall from mine. She slammed the door and plopped down on her bed. I slumped down next to her. Kelly’s room was a lot like mine, except her color scheme was blue and black instead of green and brown.
“Sheesh! Spill the beans! What’s up?” I asked impatiently yet rather amused.
“Okay.” She took a deep breath. “So. Carson Brady is like, the coolest boy in the whole school! And he talked to you! On your first day!”
“Yeah, so?”
“So? What do you mean so? He totally likes you! Did you see his face when he looked at you? I mean, every girl in the school has tried to get his attention, but he just kind of ignored them and hung out with his guy friends. He is the best player on the basketball team. He’s drop dead gorgeous! And he get’s straight A’s. I mean, this guy is perfect. And,” she added teasingly, “you two look a lot alike.”
“Oh, be quiet,” I said, and threw a pillow in her face. But deep inside, I couldn’t help but wonder if some of what she told me was true. Did Carson really like me? I mean, I’d just met him. But he was super cute.
“Okay,” I told my new sister. “Let’s just see what happens tomorrow. Maybe this will just all blow over.” She gave me a “yeah right” look but smiled. And I looked forward to school the next day.
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