One with nature
First Day of School
I attempted to tip toe quietly into the old, one-room school house, but my worn shoes echoed on the wooden floor. Everyone turned to stare. I felt my face burn red, and quickly sat down at an empty desk. I stared down at my lap. “What do I do?” I thought. The room remained uncomfortably quiet. The teacher turned from where she had been writing something on the faded black board.
“Hello. You must be new here. What is your name?”
I could understand the words, but they sounded strange and unfamiliar compared to the creatures I was used to speaking to. The only times I ever heard English was when I spoke to myself. The animals didn’t really speak English, but I could comprehend them anyway. I managed to reply.
“My name is Lily. I have never gone to school. This is my first time. I don’t know what I am supposed to do.” The words rolled off my tongue awkwardly, and I spotted several students giggling behind their hands. My teacher smiled kindly.
“Alright. I am Mrs. Lucile. Have you had any schooling at home?”
I shook my head.
“I live by myself.”
I heard quick gasps of surprise and muffled whispers. Mrs. Lucile’s mood changed dramatically.
“Lily,” she said, apparently in deep thought, “please see me after class.
Well that was awkward. I spent the entire day sitting with a bunch of little kids learning how to write the ABC’s. Then when everyone else left, the teacher called me over to her.
“Lily, dear, do you REALLY live by yourself?”
“Yes,” I replied. I opened my mouth to tell her about the forest creatures, but then changed my mind. Who would believe me anyway? Luckily she spoke up:
“Well, I am afraid that is a bit of a problem. It isn’t safe for you to live all by yourself. Besides, there would be no one to make sure you do your homework.
I laughed: “Oh, I’m fine. I take care of myself, and I’ve never had any trouble.” Mrs. Lucile was not smiling.
“Yes, well, I’m afraid I will need to talk to the sheriff about this. I’m not sure of all the laws, but we may need to take you to the adoption agency.” Then that fake smile came back. “I’m sure they could find a good home for you.”

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