One with nature
My New Home
I sat up and yawned, rubbing my eyes sleepily. Something had woken me up, but I wasn’t sure what it was. I listened for a moment, hardly breathing. Then it came again; a quiet, squeaky voice. I looked towards my window. Through the bright morning sunlight I spotted a small robin. I ran over.
“Did you call me, little bird?” I asked curiously.
“Tweet tweet! Yes I did!” chirped the bird. “All the animals in the forest are worried sick about you. What happened? I heard from Springy, the squirrel that you were staying here? Come on, spill the beans. Why did you leave? Don’t you like us any more?”
“Whoa, slow down, little guy!” One question at a time. Long story short, I was forced to leave. Then I was adopted by these kind people. I.... I can’t live in the forest any more.
After talking for a few more minutes, the robin left to go tell the other forest creatures I was okay. I headed downstairs for breakfast. I followed the smell of chocolate pancakes all the way to the kitchen where Mikey was helping Mrs. Harford cook.
“Mornin’ Lily! How’d ya sleep?” he asked asked excitedly.
“Good morning, Mikey. I slept fine. Good morning, Mrs. Lucy. Is there anything I can do to help?”
She smiled. “I think Mikey and I can handle making breakfast. It’s almost done.” She set down her spatula and hugged me. “And you can call me Mom...If you want to.”
I grinned shyly. “Okay... Mom. I’m going to go find Kelly.”
Kelly was in her room trying to put her hair up. “Ugh. Lilly could you help me with this tangled mess?” I picked up her pink hairbrush and began to carefully un-knot the tangles. She continued, “You’re so lucky to have that silky black hair. It’s so straight, I bet it never gets tangled.”
I laughed. “Of course it gets tangled. I just have to take good care of it.”
We bounced down the stairs and into the kitchen where the whole family sat down to eat breakfast. After we ate, Mr. Harford had to leave for work, and Kelly and I did the dishes. Suddenly a thought struck me.
“Wait. Shouldn’t we be at school?”
Kelly giggled. “Oops. I forgot to tell you. We’re taking the day off. Mom figured it would help you and Mikey get settled in. Yay! No school today!” she sang.
I began to wonder if I should tell Kelly that I could talk to animals. She might believe me. But on the other hand, if she didn’t, then I could be labeled as a lunatic and taken back to jail. Well, worst case scenario anyways. We finished drying the dishes then Kelly suggested that we go hang out outside. I agreed and we walked out the door, hand in hand.
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