Untimely Predators
If Only It Were Different
I think I’d have a better attitude about this if I’d hadn’t known they’d done this to me before the war. But it was long before,the search for the able and premature subjects. Needless to say,they did it for their own reasons. Not good enough to be normal. And now I’m me.And I really hate what I am.
“Excuse me ma’am,but this is what you signed the paperwork for,and your reward for volunteer will be given to both of you.You’ll have to give us your daughter.”,I heard the man say. That was when I stopped breathing entirely. I ran upstairs into my small closet and held my breath. I felt my whole face sting,trying to hold back what must’ve been tears .”No! This had to be Marty’s doing! I would never let anyone take her!”,my mom,so she didn’t betray me. So this is my fathers doing. It was starting to get hot in the closet,but I didn’t move. Fear of what was going to happen,trickling up my spine. “Ma’am you let us in,this has already been negotiated among the government.Hell I am the government!Make this easier for us,or it won’t end up so good for you.”,he raised his voice.At least from what I could hear.”Never!Not my baby,I’ve heard the rumors of what you do!You can’t!”,I heard her scream.”Ma’am don’t touch...!”,and then the gunshots. Only two. My mothers screaming voice had suddenly stopped. I let out a huge sob,which became a wail,and covered my mouth as soon as it came out. I heard the pounding of footsteps up the stairs. My breathing faster and louder, heaving myself farther and farther in the closet,but being so small,there really wasn’t anywhere to hide. “Jaylen Amor,by the writings of the law,you are to come with us now. We know you are here.”,I sat,ready to pounce. I had heard them close,to close. The door burst open,without a glance I jumped. I wrapped my hands around his throat and kicked his stomach twice before someone stabbed a needle in my arm. I looked at the man I had choked,glasses,brown hair,I swear I saw sympathy in his face no matter how surprising it sounds. But it was the last thing I saw before I couldn’t keep myself up anymore,my eyes closed before I was even caught.
“Vitals are fine,has a great health history except for triggered panic and anxiety attacks. Besides that,I think she’s stable.”. A woman,young but a firm sound to her. I didn’t dare open my eyes. Not yet. “When can we take her to the lab for sedation? And why can’t we start immediately?”,a man. “She has to meet the others and I suggest she eat before the testing.”,”Of course.”. I opened my eyes and looked up to the face of the woman,pretty. The man was walking away,back towards me. “I’m sure you have lot’s of questions probably,I heard you were one of the only kids to fight back. I’m sorry I don’t have lots of answers,but I’m sure the kids will gladly help you out.”,she said to chirpy for me. Anger,she didn’t know what happened,she didn’t know why I fought. “I don’t know what the hell is going on! For all I know,your a murderer to! I can’t be here! I shouldn’t be here!”,I yelled,but I started to feel weak as I stood up. Pulling off not needles,but vital readers.She reached over and lightly held my arm. “Calm down,please,just cooperate with them and they’ll cooperate with you,be calm,and I’m gonna help you. Please,I know you don’t know me,but just make this easier for yourself.”,I didn’t know what sprung me to do it,I honestly couldn’t do anything better,I asked her,”What should I do now then?”.”I only can do what I’m told to do,that’s been to let you meet your group. She supplied me with fresh clothes,and showed me to the cafeteria.
Kids my age,about twenty of them or so. One table them,the rest soldiers or kids barely older. I was introduced to all of the kids at the small table. I was offered food,but didn’t eat. I still needed to figure out why I was here. Testing,that’s what I had heard. I was going to be changed. And so were all they.And don’t get me wrong,we were. Human modification exactly. So you’d think we’d be here a while actually,well that was four years ago. That was before the war,and the war is hell. And the side I have to be on,isn’t doing so well. And here I am being forced to fight for the people who murdered my mother,left me damned,unprepared,and an orphan,and changed me into something else.
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