They thought they could make the woRLd perfect but there’s a catch

The perfect government where everyone has everything and more
Hi I’m kanesi I am from the legendary perfect beautiful utopia or so I thought...
I walked out of my lovely home saying by to my lovely mother. I waited for the train and when it got here I saw my lovely friends and the lovely conducter. Very thing was a lovely shade of white or blue there was no black except for hair. My hair was a turquoise with a sides have and a white sweater and turquoise contacts I wore white leggings and tall white boots.
“Kanesi!” My lovely boyfriend yelled I turned around looking at his purple hair and white shirt and white pants. He came up to me and I turned around as he kissed me I kissed him back.
“Jokan I missed you my family went to the resort last weakend” I said.
“Guess what today is the day for the ceremony for my brother everyone’s coming!” He said.
“I know he talks about it all the time I can’t wait I’m going straight after class” I said.
I walked into the crisp white ceremony building in a white shirt dress and white eyeliner and gold bracelets and my fathers locket. I hugged Jokans brother and wished him good luck as he and the others went on stage. He and the other 18 year olds where about to be given the pass to all utopia as soon as that happened they would have to choose a bride or groom by 20 and by 25 have kids.
“We give these new adults the pass to life to utopia its been 20 years since are founding fathers and mothers created utopia and ended all awful things. All of us are in peace and nothing bad is ever coming to utopia.” The man in white robes said handing each child there pass to the outer world to anywhere. I couldn’t wait for my day.
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