Life of dance
The start of Utopian
The room was filled with nervous tension. I bent low over my straddle, embracing the pain surging through my legs. This meant everything to me. this audition would change my future. The past months I had been practicing hard. Every day I would take out my point shoes and run over my solo again and again. There was even more pressure on me since this was my first time at this studio. I just had to hope the hours I had dedicated payed off.
I stood up, balancing on one foot, the other high in the air. I had been woking on extension, every day reaching just that little higher, getting my split that little better. I stretched the other leg and performed some simple turns, spinning on my good leg first then my bad leg. I felt shaky with nerves. If I didn’t get chosen to be part of the studio I don’t know if I could even dance any more.
Dance was my life. Ever since I was 4 years old I had trained, weather graceful ballet or full out competitive dance I was into it. My style was one of those things that had developed over time, I began dance at a small studio called point, mainly based on ballet. There I had earned my first point shoes at the age of twelve. The next few years I had been unsure of were i stood in the dance world, for a few months I did both ballet and contemporary dance.
Last year I had stopped the small dance school in order to focus on the audition to Utopian, a well known dance studio who, in 2001, won the dance competition of the region. Now the audition had arrived I felt far from ready.
My body was sweating even though warm ups didn’t require much energy. I didn’t know what to do with my hands if I wasn’t spinning. I hurriedly began to mark my routine, but soon dropped it and retreated to the side of the dance floor, watching at least 30 people stretching and practicing. Most people knew at least one other person here. I knew no one.
I was the new girl. This was such a good studio with an amazing reputation I couldn’t bare to let myself down. I needed to dance full out. I had a burning feeling to prove myself as I ignored the snide remarks people tried not to hard to hide from me.
“she probably can’t even do an aerial!” whispered a stocky boy with dark hair. I laughed to myself. I could do an aerial when I was 12 years old. I was just getting up again to do some final practices when a short lady with a clip board walked out onto the floor. everyone moved to the edges, finishing their conversations abruptly.
“Hello dancers! My name is Riley, owner of Utopian studio. I am so glad to see a few new faces!” she paused to beam at a few people. I felt tingles down my spine as I realised I was so close to performing.
“Now, auditions will proceed like this, each of you have prepared a one minute long solo, I will watch each and every one of you than choose 20 of the 35 dancers here. The chosen 20 will have an hour than come back to the last round, the choreography round. Is that clear?” there was a mumbled response.
“right, let us begin!”
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