A perfectly normal island for a holiday. Nothing could possibly happen.
Vacation or Mystery?
Are we there yet?
“Are we there yet, Mother?” I asked for the 100th time.
“For god’s sake, Lila, we’re not even close!”
“We’ve been going around in circles for the past hour.” Sam groaned.
“We have not,” My father protested. “We’re following the map!”
“Dad! You’re holding the map upside down!” I complained.
“Oh gee, we’re never going to get there...” My mum slammed on the brakes, muttering angrily.
“And that’s the fiftieth reason why we should have just gone to Bali!” Sam, my 15-year-old brother retorted.
“I can make mistakes...”, Dad protested. He turned the map upside down. “Okay, now turn right at this junction.”
Grumbling and muttering, my mother turned right, off the highway into a lonely road.
I stuffed my earphones back in my ears.
My family is attempting to reach Ebonywood Island for a simple, but an exotic vacation. And we are failing at getting there for start-offs. We have stopped several times because the GPS decided to shut up. Then, when my dad had this smart idea to use a map like the old days, in his wise words- we ended up going in circles for the past 3 hours.
And here we are, making slow progress. Finally.
But, I’m optimistic, so, I’m looking at the bright side of this journey. Our car hasn’t broken down yet, Dad has not farted yet, and the internet is still available. Great, right? Plus, Sam hasn’t even started complaining yet. The Worst is yet to-
“Mom!! Dad! I need my coffee.” Sam shouted. Never mind here comes the worst bit, I thought.
“Honey, I’m sure you can wait till we get to our next petrol pump!” My Mom knew the war was about to begin.
“I most definitely cannot! If I don’t get my coffee, I get a headache. If I get a headache- you all get a headache!” Sam demanded.
“I’ll give you my coffee,” I said, trying to create peace in this war between a sulky teenager and an annoyed mother.
“Thanks, Lil.” Sam smiled. “Only teenagers get the love of coffee, right?”
I nodded. What a big mood swing that was. The car was quiet was the next 40 mins apart from Dad instructing Mom.
“Will there be internet?” I asked my dad. “I need to update my blog!”
“No, love. I don’t think so. We’re renting an old bungalow, so maybe you and Sam can look around?”
“Um, maybe,” Sam said, sighing. “No internet. So sad.”
Now, before you think my family is all fancy- it’s not. We’re not going to Bali this year because my parents have to visit Granny Mavis who needs to be convinced to go to an old age home. Mom dragged me and Sam just so that we could ‘spend some time together’.
But I’m actually excited. An old island, very few inhabitants, and an abandoned beach? Count me in. I love a good story for my Travel Blog. But what could possibly happen?

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