~The Bravest of brave~
val·iant /ˈvalyənt/ (n)
possessing or showing courage or determination.
I ran across the field dodging bullets as they flew past me at a lightning speed... One barely missed my bionic arm as I somersaulted behind a rock. I gasped for air as I checked the damage, the titanium cover had sustained the bullets force. I sighed and took out 50 rounds of ammunition and loaded my rifle. My life was in great danger...
My life actually started out normal, I lived with my parents and three siblings in the quiet suburban town of Somersville California.
In high school I was not popular but I was not an outcast, I was liked by both sides. I was the star player of the basketball, volleyball, soccer and track teams in school.
So basically you would think my life was perfect then, until a tragedy affected my town, a terrorist attack on my school.
It all happened so fast I barely remember being shot.
All my friends were shot straight in the head without hesitation but I managed to duck behind a water fountain but barely missed getting shot in the arm.
I remember crumpling in pain but thinking “ Come on Val, your friends were just killed right in front of you but you survived. You have to get away
With that in mind I waited for the noise to die down and stumbled towards the emergency exit.
I sighed with relief as I pushed the door open with my un-injured arm and leaned against the brick wall of the school.
Ignoring the nagging pain my left arm I closed my eyes as I replayed the gruesome scene in my head over and over again.
I shuddered then opened my eyes and looked around, it was serene and quit, too quiet.
All of a sudden a rough hand grabbed me by neck, I screamed as the person gagged me and threw over their shoulder.
They shoved me in the back of a black van and started driving off.
Bloody and salty tears made their way down my face as a black darkness choked me to almost to the point of death.
I woke up in a hospital bed but I had a gut feeling I wasn’t in a hospital.
I looked at my left arm which was now replaced with what looked like a high-tech bionic arm.
I gasped and then jumped out of the bed in shock then ran towards the door of the room in that I was in.
It was unlocked.
I ran out of the room as alarms started blaring all around and doctors and scientists tried to stop me from escaping.
Using my athleticism and bionic arm I somersaulted, flipped and ducked under all of them.
I made it to the exit and kicked it open just before one of the doctors could grab me.
I looked around at the cliffs and mountains, no where to run.
But my only means of escape were jumping from the cliff, so that’s what I did, jump.
I thought to myself as my hair flew all around me and the ground came up to meet me, This was my new life now, new identity, new arm, new soul.
It was no coincidence I was named Valiant.

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