NeverMore High
Vanessa Evil
Vanessa evil
Parents: The Evil Queen
Story: Snow White+7Dwfs
Classes: Potions, Spell-casting, Gothic Sewing, History of Wizardry, Poisonous cooking and gardening
School can be REALLY boring, especially when you don’t like most of your classes. I closed my eyes as I poured a bubbling brown potion over a rat in a cage, just like the rest of the students in Potions class- Diette and Dustin Darkness the Shadow Twins, Fangetta Van Pire the Vampire, Clawdina PawPaw the werewolf, Jesaphire Scale the daughter of the Dragon Witch in Sleeping Beauty, Urala Witch, dauther of the sea with in the Little Mermaid, and of course me.
The rat transformed in a puff of smoke. It was big already, but it grew even bigger until it was fourteen inches long, with long gray claws, big, narrowed beady red eyes, and it’s teeth were as
sharp as knives. The real change to the simple rat was that twisted black horns with red spots were growing out of the rats head. “Well done, Ms. Evil!” Madam Gothel, Rapunzels evil witch stepmother said to me from the front of the room. “Students, look at how well Vanessa has done!” The other students’ rats were only ten to eleven inches long, with gray buck teeth, or slighly sharp white ones. Their horns were dark gray or black without red spots. I almost caught myself blushing. Rule Number One of loking Evil: Look like yu don’t care- no blushing, turning pale, gawking, or laughing. To bad for my mom, My sisters and I tended to laugh a lot.
“You’re SO good at this!” Fangetta said, looking at the feirce looking rat I held. “Aren’t you scared it will bite you?” Dustin teased from the back of the classroom. I shookn my head. “I grew up in a palace of things a lot biggerer and feircer than this,” I replied.
My homework was to research and
take care of the rat. UGH! I hate
giant rats! There were a couple back
at my moms castle, and I had always avoided them. But, it wasn’t as bad as the gloopy black things as tall as me with glowing orange eyes and that could spit super-dooper thick smoke out of what appered to be invisible mouths. Or the
slimy greenish-blue goblins with webbed hands, sharp fingernails, and jet-black teeth. That’s all I’ll mention… at the moment. But I wasn’t really afraid of them, because they wuld do whatvever me or my sisters, and especially my mom told them to. When I was little, I told them to go play somewhere else every time they knocked on my door.
I ran to my next class, Spellcasting Class. Diette caught up with me in the hall. “Nice pets. Agreed?” she said sarcastically. I nodded. “There are a few in my mom’s castle,” I told her. She nodded. “Of corse, because she’s the Evil of All Evils. The Evil of all Times. The most Evil there ever was,
the-” “I get it!” I said, stopping her list of names for my mom. “Let’s hurry to class!”

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