Video game stars
The Great Confusion
Once upon a time my sister Melody and I(Arian) were playing a new game we bought. We thought we got the hang of it. The only problem is there is some buttons we don’t understand what they are made for. They haven’t used them in the practice section. Plus there’s no manual for this game. A ripoff. Then a day later after school we went and played the game again but this time the screen appeared saying “Ready to start the REAL adventure in the game”. Press the yellow button now. I was thinking why is real in bold. Then my sister said please press it so I did and the screen went black. Just then my mom said “Arian, Melody Bed time”. “Going” we told her running to our beds. Then in our sleep a portal appeared right in front of our beds sucking us in it and us still unconscious of the surrounding. Then we heard a coca-doodle-doo Then we woke up in amazement when we found ourselves in a tiny cottage enough for the both of us. In an open window a note fell. Melody picked it up reading “Welcome to Epic games”. So I said that’s why It had real bold. Keep reading I said to Melody. You will be tested in 50 levels to redeem at the end a mysterious prize. That sounds awesome I wonder what it will be a “Keep reading don’t get distracted” I told Melody. “Ok” Melody said grimly. Here is a clue to start out. Follow a big huge animal that have feet bigger in diameter than a horse and can weigh tons. So what can that animal be a cheetah? No it not gray or big. A humpback whale? Na it doesn’t have feet. Hmmm. Then an elephant interrupted there thinking just passing by. That’s it. What’s it? The elephant, it is gray huge and have feet bigger in diameter than a horse would. Follow it but don’t try to scare it. They went tiptoeing toward the moving elephant. They didn’t know the elephant knew they were following it. So then it stopped looked at them and put his back down. I not sure, I said but I think it going to give us a ride. Although the trip was very bumpy it finally stopped. When we got off the elephant disappeared. Then they saw a note. When they took the tape off a sudden window raised and 50 buttons appeared. Then a little far away were about 50 64-bit elephants seen. When they read the note it said “Find the different elephant from all 50 elephants”. If you find the correct one you go to the next part of the level if you fail you start from the cabin again. You can used the controls to move them around if you like. Then at the end there is a fraction reading 1/5=50. I think I understand it. What is 1/5 of 50. I guess the word problems is what is 1/5 of a number if the number is 50. 50=10/50 So ten is the answer. Melody quickly pressed the button with ten on it and the ground started shaking and the outside ground fell then a door opened and a path started to extend over the hole hitting the land far away. When they made it a note said. You made it. Melody keep reading the next one is a little tricky but the good news is you get a badge. The badges are like checkpoints. If you fail touch it and you’ll go to the level you collected it. There were two pins so they got them and put them in their pockets. So then they went in the portal to the next test that awaits them. When they got out of the portal. They saw they were in the middle of the maze and a map flew and fell in front of them. When they saw the map they saw they had to follow the clues to the end of the maze. “Look in the back” Melody said. Arian started to read “. To find the first part you need to follow a path of photosynthesis”. So then my sister and I started to walk and found ourselves in 3 divisions one side with brick one, with sticks, and another with leaves. Photosynthesis hmmm I got it leaves do a cycle of photosynthesis collecting water and sunlight through the leaves and releasing oxygen. So we go to the right. Walking toward the right there was another note on the floor. We got it and read it again “what can run but has no legs. A blank appeared at the side of the sentence. Hmm... a river! Melody it’s a river it can run but has no legs. Then they continued. “Use the answer to complete the word sentence. The Amazon rain forest____. Amazon rain forest river is the answer. They looked and the divisions seeing pictures of Africa, Brazil, and China. The Amazon rain forest is in Brail so let go straight. Then again after the path they saw a note “Final way to get out”. “Keep reading” Melody said. “Ok” What is yellow, curved, edible, and is high in fiber. Easy peasy a banana. Then they look up they see no banana all they see is words. They said ban an A. tomato and banan. “Well why don’t we go to the banan” Arian said. “No I think it to easy to say banan is the answer”. “Then which”. “Hmm I got it. I think its Ban an A”. Why Melody said. Look put the words together its banana. Let go in that one. Then finally when getting out then saw a note and a portal. For completing the test you got another badge and a power life gaining. For every level complete you gain a life. For every failure you lose a life and the part you lost at you can try again. Then they made it again to a factory with buttons. They found a note on the wall saying the code that’s Breakable. They when toward the buttons. The first part had a picture of a hand. I’ll do it Arian said putting his hand on the platform. It accepted it. Then another part unlocked. This part had a puzzle. They looked under and there were cubes that were 2D saying 399482. “399482” Let me repeat it meanwhile I put the code in 3-9-9-4-8-2. He put it and it flashed red. A sudden shake moved the area. Making the farthest part of the area fall. Oh no! If we don’t find the right code we will fail and fall to our fate. Then a sudden thought came to mind the breakable code. Oh I get it is Breakable. He looked to the side and saw a glass bottle. He picked it up then hit the coder finding a key inside. I found the key. Look a keyhole. Let put it in. Then a long path stretched about 10 feet of length they followed It to a book on a table and a door closed tight to the right. They went to the book and it said summary. The book had 9 blanks with numbers on the side. On the first two blanks it said _elephants. There are 50 elephants remember Melody. I do lets put the five then a zero. Then the second part said _correct ways in the maze. There were 3 correct ways right. Yes they were Arian. Then 3rd part numbers found on the second part numbers. _____. Melody what was the code we saw in the part before this one. It was 399 umm 4 and 82. I had it on my notebook. When They finally put the last number the door on the right opened yay we past the first level.

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