Uh oh.
Sexy- well, not REALLY...
‘Wow! You’re so good at dancing, Tilly. Teach me, teach me!’ Eleanor sighed.
‘Not now, sorry, Elle.’
Eleanor sighed but still smiled.
‘Hey Tills! You should SOOO strip off and do that dance. You’d look so-‘
Patty lowered her voice. ‘ Sexy.
We burst into giggles- Well, not Tricia. She just sat there, thinking.
‘Know what, Tills? We should totally do that!!!’ she gasped.
I giggled nervously. ‘No, we shouldn’t!’
Tricia narrowed her eyes. ‘Do it or you’re not our friends.’
Patty looked anxious. ‘Now shut it, Trish, or-‘
‘Oh, teach your grandmother to boil an egg.’ interrupted Tricia rudely.
‘Now DO it.’
I looked around and then took off my trousers and my shirt. ‘Ok, let’s do this.’ I sighed. ‘No! Take off your pants, too.’ grumbled Trish.
I took them off, exposing my whole body. ‘Now dance.’ ordered Trish.
‘I f-f-feel sick.’ I stuttered, holding my hands over my... thing.
‘Dance.’ repeated Trish. She took out her iPhone and started to film me. I danced until the dance was over and then put my clothes on. ‘We gotta go. Bye.’ said Trish, and Elle and Patty followed. After an hour I got an e-mail.
Hey Tills, Luv u. Hey, check out my face book account and search “sexy girl dance” on the web. So long, Tricia
I checked out her account. NEWLY POSTED. There was the video of me. Naked. I searched “sexy girl dance”. 114, 5776 results. Third result- the video of me. Naked.
Oh my god.
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