Chapter 1
I heard my alarm clock blare a signal for 5 o’clock and woke me up a new found burst of energy. I slapped my hand on the snooze button and immediately changed into my Gamer Con shirt. Today, Galactic VR was releasing a new VRMPRPG! I was so psyched that I nearly forgot to start a chat with my friends. I grabbed my phone and started the group chat on my drive to the convection center.
Kitten_Child232: Hey guys! You ready for our immersion?
poet9: Heck yes! I made sure to put us in the same group! 😝
Mae_Mae: How did U do that, Poet9?
poet9: Logic, that’s how 😎
Sans228: Has everyone decided on character names so we know who’s who?
Kitten_Child232: Yeah. I’m most likely going 2 b Raven or Mirrane.
poet9: Fox is me.
Mae_Mae: Lyra. Just Lyra for me.😏
Sans228: Just going 2 b Karen.
Mae_Mae: Dude, are you trans or something?
Sans228: Yeah.
Kitten_Child232: Okay guys. At convection center. C U soon!
I deactivated the chat and pulled up next to the convection center and waited by the entrance. One by one, my friends arrived at the entrance. Mark, Tina, Jamie (Guy), and Roseann all said our hello’s and we were off to the lobby. Tons of VR game stations lined the walls of the convection center. We split up to explore the different options we had and waited for our group to be called.
“Would group 688 please report to security? Group 688 to security please.” I was brought back to reality as the voice boomed over the sound system.
“That’s us!” Jamie called to us over the crowd of people. All 4 of us shoved our way through to security as people bumped us from all angles. We finally got through security and I nearly collided with a very formal looking woman!
“Hello. I’m sorry I can’t be with you today. My name is Nara Shakesburg, owner of Galactic VR. One of my assistants will direct you to your immersion stations. We hope you enjoy your experience with us!” With those last words, she dissolved into pixels. She was a hologram! Before I could clear up my daze, a tall female clapped her hands, fully snapping me out my daze.
“Okay, you must be group 688! I’m Selena. Right this way if you would be so kind.” Her voice was kind and bubbly, making me feel more calm about the immersion. I was told now a days, they did full immersions. That made me feel so psyched to have a month-long subscription. This meant we could play for a whole year but take slight breaks each month to catch up on the real world. We climbed in to a high room high above the lobby.
“Okay, so this is your immersion room. Bathrooms are right here, she indicted to small doors to our left, “I will give you a few moments to change into immersion gear and get you set up into your immersion capsules.” She exited the room, leaving what looked like gowns from the doctors’ office. We all got changed and Selena came back 5 minutes later.
“ Okay, now let’s get you set up into your pods!”

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