For the 2017 february challenge
Walls of Berlin
14 August, 1961
Dearest Werner,
It has happened, as we feared. The Communists have struck. They stole like thieves through the night, building a wall to keep us from one another. It will not succeed!
I am an iceberg without you, cold and alone. I need your light, your warmth, your love. Half of me is on the Eastern side, with you. You are the one thing that I cannot survive without. I need you more than food, more than water, more than even the air we breathe.
Without you my food is ash, my water failing to hydrate. I go through the motions, without truly experiencing anything. I need you.
Walls can divide cities, and barriers hold back crowds, but nothing can destroy our love. I have given this letter to a trustworthy messenger. I hope it finds you.
With all the love my heart can hold,
16 August 1961
Darling Hannah,
I miss you with every tiny molecule within my heart.
The Communists think that their wall can hold us, but it will not. Already I am hearing whispers of half-formulated plans for escape. Murmurs of tunnels dug through graveyards, and children tossed out of windows into the arms of West Berlin.
My greatest fear is that this wall will remain here forever, splitting this city in two for eternity. It splits me in two, not being able to see you. Pray for me, my love. Pray for myself, and all the poor souls trapped within the confines of East Berlin.
Love and Hopes,
20 August, 1961
Dearest Werner,
I go to the wall every day, hoping to catch a glimpse of your face. I am not the only one. Mothers, sons, wives, and sweethearts crowd the length of the walk, searching for loved ones caught on the other side. I need you. You are essential to who I am. Now that we are apart, a chunk of me is missing. This void yawning within me cannot be filled without you.
I miss you with every fiber of my being.
All the love in the cosmos,
23 August, 1961
Darling Hannah,
I am lost without you, my compass. Would you point me the way out of this cage? The wall encompasses me, but my love for you travels through all matter.
How can I escape?
Help me find the way, my beloved.
1 September 1691
Dearest Werner,
I think that I saw your face the other day. Just for the slightest sliver of a second. Then it was gone. Stolen from me by the Communists.
I am a shipwrecked sailor in the middle of a sea at storm. But unlike that sailor, I have no spar of wood to cling to. All that I possess is the barest hope that I will see you again one day.
With hopes of your face,
3 September 1961
Darling Hannah,
I do not know exactly what direction the wind is blowing for us, but I believe that I know the path that will lead to fairest weather.
4 September 1961
I need some firm ground to stand on, some rock to be my anchor.
I saw people killed today for standing near the wall. A sentry panicked, thinking that they intended to escape.
I need to get out, to escape, to see you again.
Please keep writing.
Wishing for Freedom,
5 September 1961_
I escape soon. I cannot say how, or when, in case the enemy receives it in your stead.
I beg you, be content with the knowledge that I will see you soon.
6 September 1961
Dearest Werner,
I will wait for you. Always.
Always and Forever,
The night of 8 September 1961, Werner and three others fleeing East Berlin were killed. Hannah did not discover the fate of her lover for another three months, when a cousin of his escaped through a tunnel. She never forgot him, and wrote letters to him every day throughout that terrible time. She died, unmarried, on the same day that the Berlin Wall was destroyed. Hannah was faithful to her beloved Werner to the last.
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