The longing of a criminal, the trials of a boy
Fenton sighed, tired of ultimate power.
He needed something more; he always needed more.
He thought for a few minutes, leaning back in his plush arm chair, his feet relaxed on a matching plush foot stool.
It was about time he tried again,
He had been waiting for the right time.
The perfect time to strike.
It had been too long since he tried to kidnapped that special someone. Way too long.
He settled back and began, once again, to prepare.
Hayden hated lines.
“It’s already been an hour,” he complained, his hand on the shopping cart.
“It hasn’t even been ten minutes,” said his sister, Wren, smiling a little, “And the line’s letting up.”
“Okay so it’s only been ten minutes,” Hayden admitted, his eyes on the cashier at the front of the line. “But I still don’t want to stand in line. Can I just sit on that bench?” He pointed to one outside the grocery store, back inside the mall.
His sister sighed, and nodded. “Alright, but don’t leave the bench, stay safe.”
“Don’t leave the bench, stay safe- I can do that,” said Hayden, “Easy.” Little did he know how wrong he was.
He had only been on the bench for less than a minute, when the noises started. Alarms screamed, and people darted for every available exit.
“What’s going on?” Hayden wondered, looking everywhere. All he could see were people running, children in their arms and panic on their faces. Hayden leapt off the bench, looked at his sister, still standing in line, and ran toward the noise.
After ten minutes of chaos, Hayden still hadn’t discovered why everyone was afraid. Why were they running? What were they running from? He grabbed the arm of a passing teen.
“What’s going on?” he asked.
The boy stared at him, eyes wide, “Men with guns,” he said, panting, “They’re looking for a hostage, boy my age. I don’t know why. Run!” He twisted away from Hayden and fled, following the rest of the people desperately trying to escape.
Hayden stood frozen,
men with guns?
They wanted a hostage his age?
Why would someone do that?
Who would do that?
Fear seized his heart, and he desperately wanted to run...
But he didn’t.
He wanted to help, to do something.
“Run,” he told himself “There’s nothing you can do.”
Just as he was turning to run, a scream echoed from behind him. A girl, only two or three, fleeing the men with guns, crying in fear. The men were at her heels. Without a thought, Hayden dashed towards them, hit the floor and slid, snatching the child right out from under the men’s noses. They hit the far wall, and Hayden took the full blow, knocking the wind from him. The men were shocked. I need to move, I need to move! Hayden swept the girl into his arms and bolted. Sobbing, she clung to him, like she thought he would drop her.
“It’s okay,” he breathed into her ear. “They’re not after you, only teenage boys-“ He stopped, his eyes wide as he realized what he was saying. “They only want teenage boys,” he repeated to himself, “But why?”
“Stop or we’ll shoot!” The men were right behind Hayden.
Hayden gulped,
What now?
He was almost to the corner,
If only he could get there before they fired...
“One more chance,” the man called, “You have three seconds.”
Hayden kept running,
So close,
Just a little farther,
Almost there,
Fenton rubbed his hands together, he couldn’t wait, this would be fun.
The boy would be lots of fun.
Girls were fun to tease, it was fun to watch them cry, and they looked cute. But there was nothing like bringing a boy to tears.
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